True Companionship

(Facebook False Muhammad’s In White Thobes)

You don’t pay my phone bill yet you talk as if you know me,
Speak as if you can judge me,

You try to flex on social media, Sometimes in the public square,

Read this slowly to understand the piece carefully,

Whatever you are flashing it isn’t reflecting,
I don’t see an inch of light radiating from your presence,

Don’t overreact, I ain’t finished yet…

If Abu Bakr (ra) was my mentor,
He would have my full attention,


You are nothing but Abu Ignorance
What you preach are empty words,

If Ibn Masud (ra) and Umar (ra) were my companions,

My mind, body, and soul would be in constant remembrance,


You are nothing of the sort,
You miss prayers,
Sometimes too late to perform ruku,
Don’t know how to perform wudu,

Your pants are above your ankles but your zipper is open,

Eyes lowered to the floor yet your mind always fantasizing,

Pretending to do dikhr yet slipping watching porn on your mobile when your wife’s not looking,

If I looked at your credit card statement I would find mysterious dollar amounts,

Now listen…

If I was taking a class with Ibn Abbas (ra), I would be his study partner in a heart beat,

We wait for Bilal (ra) to give the call to prayer…

Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar…


You aren’t worth the dirty souls of their shoes,

Whether social media or reality,
Telling me my nufs are controlling me,
I don’t take the deen seriously,

I pray Allah protects you,
I wasn’t planning on hurting you,


I was going to steal all your good deeds because you assume harshly,
You are not one of my companions,

I have heroes by my side…

Aisha (ra) quizzing me about her husband’s Sunnah,
Fatima (ra) reliving memories related to her of Khadija (ra),
Ali Talib (ra) teaching how to be a husband,

When you comment, hiding behind assumptions,

I notice those “extra” longer than normal business trips,
How come your phone connects to a Wi-Fi in a hotel that you never booked?
It’s kinda weird because apparently you booked a room for two?

When you returned home you jumped in the shower,
Trying to remove another woman’s scent,
Her perfume all over your clothes,

Lies about fasting, skipping days, eating sweets, drinking alcohol while no one looks,

Pretending to be a jihadist, hoping for shaheed, crying fake tears for the camera,


I got Hamza (ra) as support, joking about ignorant days,
When I get in a fight, Khalid (ra) has my back,

You are busy critiquing, Hassan bin Thabit (ra) defending,
Salmon al-Farsi (ra) traveling distances for Truth,

No matter how many books or degrees, you don’t hold the correct pedigree,

Uthman bin Affan (ra) teaching how to be modest,

I ain’t picky about friends,
You don’t fit my requirements,

I ride alongside Saffiyah (ra),
Past Jew but corrected her mistakes,

Hafsa (ra),
Juwariyya (ra)

Ain’t nobody like the Mother’s of the Believers,

You assume the money you donate goes to alcohol and drugs,
Afraid of giving in charity,


My sisters give in charity because they got compassion,

I ain’t sorry about this poem,
I don’t care if you call me Kafir,

In case of an emergency I got Esa’s (pbuh) mother Mariam (May Allah be pleased with her) on stand by,

She’s got her own Surah,
She does not need Dunya,
She reminded me,
Make dua and Allah answers,

No matter if I am the worst,
Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) companions were reverts,

I stand in reverse, staying a good distance away from you,

I have my companions on stand by, Protecting, guiding, and empowering me everyday…


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