“Random Screenings” By Uncle Sam

Sun shining bright,
Airport filled like any other day,
Age, gender, religion, complexion,
All of them fair game,
Similar to driving through a rich neighborhood as an African American,
Racism manifested into an institution of lawful slavery,
First rule…
Always enter the airport with confidence,
Who in their right mind would confidently enter a maximum security building with TNT?
Check into Delta or Sun Country,
Find out if you are on the No Fly list,
Second Rule…
Recognize the TSA and/or Police Officers will shoot you on sight if you jerk, twitch, or have any sudden movements including a deadly seizure,
Your luggage was sniffed by panty lovers,
At least the second luggage you checked in,
Now you enter an X ray machine,
The second round of nudes the pervert TSA agents are entrusted with,
Third rule…
My favorite,
Never say what is on YOUR MIND,
The big, scary, man or woman TSA agent asks,
Sir or ma’am,
Can I check your bag?
Minds of privacy say HELL NAH,
Who are you to ask?
Polite tongues say,
Go ahead,
The second question, the kicker,
Did you pack your bag yourself?
For all purposes,
Don’t say what is on your mind,
Which would be…
Aliens from outer space visited my home.
They were from Egypt but visited your mom in Afghanistan.
Yet, packed my bag themselves while married to your sister on the moon.
Politely say,
Yes, I did.
After they find no guns or bombs,
You will be questioned about who you know and what itinerary is important for them,
This will be after they take you to a small little room with lots of microphones,
Say what you are thinking,
Which is…
You are FBI, CIA, or Homeland,
Why would I tell you my schedule?
Is Obama gonna’ Drone Me?
What type of mood is he in today?


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