Nikkah To Allah (swt) or Dunya And Fruits

No matter how much money you earn, how sweet it tastes, or what your boss requests of you…

Islam comes first,
Choosing between your wife, children, Dunya, or Allah (swt),

It is the same message we learn when reading of Zachariah and Maryam (May Allah be pleased with her),

Allah sent gifts of fruit so she could eat,

7 to 5, office work, worried about borders and immigration,

Allah (swt) shows the way,

I promised to feed my wife with my hand, cloth her from my back,

If leaving work during lunch time is my only chance,
I seek refuge in Allah (swt) alone,

Take my salary,
Allah (swt) provides unlimited Wisdom,
Do not forget dear brothers and sisters,
Our hands, feet, eyes, ears, and mouth will speak for us,

Stay away from fitna such as alcohol, swine, naked creation, and disbelieving actions,

Do not forget dear brothers and sisters working alongside Mushrik,

Hold onto Islam…

Do not remove your Niqab,
Follow the Mothers of the Believers,
As did Maryam,
Without meeting them,

Do not regress only progress,
Shaitan tries to seduce,

Do not become cowardly working for the enemies of Allah (swt),
Forgetting Salah, not reciting, ignoring hijrah,

All of these orders,
I am guilty of breaking,

Contract to Allah (swt),
Our Deen,
Possibility of Paradise,

Kafir employer can not send you to hellfire nor can they raise you from the dead,

Refusing their request condemns us to a quick firing,
I humbly accept it,
Just make sure you pay me the rest of my salary,

If your country is Buddhist, Catholic, or Hindu,

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Sahaba (May Allah be pleased with them all) did not neglect Deen,

Whether your Kafir employee engages in mafia tactics or possible contract violations,

Allah (swt) comes first…

Uthman bin Affan (ra) the possessor of two lights,

If Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had 40 daughters,

He would marry them all to Uthman bin Affan (ra),

I failed to follow His conditions,
Allah (swt) forgive me for neglecting my wife’s needs,

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) reminded Uthman bin Affan (ra),

You will be asked to take off the coat Allah (swt) gave to you,
Do not remove it until we meet one another again,

Whether in position of power or poverty,

Hold true to Islam,
Hold true to Allah (swt)…


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