Just A Feather In The Sky

How strong are feathers in the wind?
The slightest push, the more they lose their weight,

It may look like I am strong,
Yet I am only as strong as the wind blows,

No rules,
No edges,
No cuts,
No wounds,

Nothing breaks,

The smallest of thoughts,
As I have been told,
Only a real man cries when his woman is far,

With her by your side,
You are clothed,
Without her we are nothing but shrew laughter,

Each passing year wealth diminished,
sometimes sales increase,

the ability to speak slows,
I watched as a fallen star caught my eye…

If i lose you,
I am homeless,
Without a pillow or comfort,

If i lose you,
I lose all that I fought for,

For my memory holds you…
While my arms miss you…


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