Exotic Dancer Meets Peace

Blessed stripper,
Egyptian belly dancer,
Examine roots,
Mother grinding,

Eyes bleeding red, white, and blue,
Same method of far right and left,
Not all cops are killers nor are all killers cops,

Lineage, family tree, spirituality,
Thought of a homeless lion,
Predator walking in sheep’s clothing,

If not for green grass,
Dry lands would not be jealous of oceans,
If not for pleasure,
Beauty would not be attractive,

Idiots ignore logical conclusions,
Fools accept an idiot’s falsehood,
Democracy ignores hospitality,
Spirituality lost popularity,

Skilled artist,
Elevator door opens,
She’s preserved,
Observes all religious holidays,
Features exotic,

Smile removes hatred,
Waist elevates honor,
Lips release passion,

Elevator door opens…

Elevator boy walks in,
Not man nor child,
Not black nor white,

Facial features,
Not African nor Western,

His eyes counted the floor tiles,
Mind solves impossible math problems,

Work clothes professional,

Hands not soft,
Rough yet gentle,

Her feet danced,
Her thighs welcomed fantasies,

His mind conjured wealth,
His heart ignored fringe benefits,

Motioning for the 9th floor,

His middle finger pressed slightly,
Her eyes shined brightly,

Witnessing his sister feeding siblings by dancing,

She dipped low,

His sympathy grew,
His hand outstretched,

She exited the elevator,

He slipped a condom between her fingers,

As the door closed,

“Be safe my sister. Peace”


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