Dreams of an Islamic Empire (not a self declared hypocrisy)

Mind over matter,
Every city turning into Chi-raq,
Without dreaming,
I can’t see, touch, feel, taste, or smell an Islamic empire,
No such recollection,
No such recreation,
Spain long gone,
We can’t even send a little bit of sunshine,
Without this or that getting in the way of this,
Without that we wouldn’t have this,
For example…
Without Uthman bin Affan (ra),
Ali (ra) wouldn’t have received money for his shield,
Without Abu Bakr (ra),
That frightful chase into the night,
Hiding in the cave would of been lonely,
We learn when one part of the body hurts,
The rest of the body feels,
Whether a Muslim or your neighbor,
He or she better not be hungry,
No one alone,
No one treated unfairly,
When Ali (ra) became Caliph,
His armor in the hands of a Jewish tradesman,
He brought the case to the nearest judge,
After hearing both sides,
Ali (ra) lost the case and could not prove it was his armor,
(resulting to the Jewish man becoming Muslim)
To some I am only a dreamer,
To others I am a street sweeper,
Truth is I’m only a messenger,
Not God’s messenger,
Just carrying a message…


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