Woman At The Well

Letters written to those who hide,
Afraid to cry,
Can’t deny we are trying so hard to fit in,
When in fact we should be trying to share,
Partly shine without being in disguise,
Which is why we stop short,

Afraid of wiping away each other’s messy eye-liner,
Not sure why we try so hard to be strong,
It takes a strong woman to breakdown in front of another,
Taking an even stronger man to fall in front of a woman,

Just as walking and watching strangers hold pain so tight,
Why not let the world watch as we become creatures of uninhabited kindness?
We should stare into each other’s eyes,
Remind each other we are beautiful creation,

Not just modifications or reanimation,
We are not Harley Quinn’s or Disney Animations,
Instead, we are gentle souls surrounded by rigid corners,
Sharp edges, extreme temperature, and guilty conscience,

I am not sure whether the world understands,
We make each other feel lonely,
Black girls told they are beautiful ‘for a black’ girl,
World Star Hip Hop perpetuates ignorance,
Afraid to speak up,
Hip Hop makes residence on the Dark side of the Fox,

We are so disconnected,
Barely scratching the surface of the truth,
Village people far from society,
Never dream of bleaching skin,
Nor copycats dream of having the best weave,

If it was not for feeling lonely,
I would never be able to write this gospel,
Nor would I ever be able to write eternally,
As my wife’s relatives become paternal,

Every dark-skinned beauty, homeless soul, and orphaned child,
Become invaluable,
Never questioning integrity,
I learned,
If we educate a woman,
We educate nations,

Just as every government is afraid of educated women,
Similarly, Muslim men afraid of loving an Aisha (ra),
Scholarly qualifications do not require male genitalia,

This world is cold, lacking warmth,
Hiding hearts in chests afraid to open doors,
Distracted by television,
Again and again making divisions,

Words hold no authority,
Considerable change not our priority,
Instead, fashions trends, make-up pedigree, centimeter by centimeter,
Clothes hemmed short,

Short-comings and short-sighted,
Half-way around the world,
Communities graceful while we live 3rd World,

Constantly destructive, improper instruction,
We need to accept there is more to life than wealth,
Happiness, joy, automobiles, women, and sex,

We were taught a long time ago to hold each other,
Significant change can only occur if we break bondage,

Men and women in power,

Afraid of Black and White hands becoming one,
Afraid of men crying in a woman’s arm,
Afraid of racist individuals becoming educated,

This isn’t a song, nor a sad note,
When I write,
My tears fall upon the head of children,

Afraid of the future I see,
No men to marry,
Only fake weak boys pretending to be ‘real’,
Young girls taught to shed their clothes as a form of ‘feminism’,

We must learn to cry, cherish what was old,
Become dedicated to eradicating war,

This world is cold, lonely,
I wish to die holding YOUR hand,
Teaching the world,
We need vision to make better decisions…


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