House of Counterfeits (or Allah)

Troubles start before were born,
Superiority bleeds as we walk,
Today our beginning,
End has been written,
Which is why the man,
Sleeps upon cold cement,
His left hand held the ground,
Echoing from between his ribcage,

All those who pass yield no response,
If not for color,
Why fingernails matched his skin,
‘Whites’ walk past,
Imagining a lazy man who has no talents,
Maybe a thief, criminal,
No good for nothing scoundrel,
If it was a woman,
They would pass with no regret,
Countless men ask how much,

His own kin,
Upon the same boat,
Rich ‘Black’ men,
Wives of wealthy Pastors,
Flirt with the idea of ‘tipping’,
Voice concern,
Transfer of disease between touch,
Young women wouldn’t dare,
He can’t pay nor handle what I got,

Religion not a pre-requisite for compassion,
Countless Christians and Muslims walk past,
Filthy disbeliever,
False stereotypes,
Condemning actions,
Their intentions misguided,
Without proper understanding,
Everything in this world,
Sits within the palm of he or she,
Who finds peace (through you),

Staying an arm’s-length away,
Without proper dress,
5000 years in smelling distance,

Man whose skin masked,
Woman whose smell unpleasant,

(Our) doors deserve not to be called the ‘house of God’,
House of Allah (s.w.t), sanctuary, nor place of Worship,
If they are not used as guidance for healing and cleansing,

Allah (s.w.t) doesn’t request a perfect servant,

Only one whose fingertips speak what they read,
Only one whose eyes listen to what they hear,

Man finishes his food,
Woman finishes her shower,
We seek pleasantries in names,
Proper cleaning of the hands, head, and feet,

Each drop of water,
Washing away our sins,
Degree of humility,
Teaches not brutality,

We seek humble beginnings,
As the man finishes peeing (in the corner),
We convey,
He accepts…


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