Why I Cherish What Others Call Ugly

Dedicated to all the beautiful Muslimah who are criticized for not looking like a ‘model’, ‘barbie’, or what the industry calls ‘beautiful’. Most importantly, this piece is the answer to why I love my wife and why I choose to marry her instead of anyone else.

If God reads these words, I don’t care,
You keep asking, why did I marry you?
Failing to understand Allah placed you in my sight,
It wasn’t the fact you were perfect,
God knows were far from being so,

Instead, all the qualities everybody else rejects,
They say you aren’t tall enough,
Nor pretty enough,
Lacking the necessary curves,
Yet, all I see is potential,
God gave me the chance to heal wounds,

When haters question,
Asking how or where did you find a White man,
Same goes when a man is questioned by his kin,
Speaking accusations and superiority,
As if Black or Brown have scratches Wonder-bread don’t,

If God reads these words, I don’t care,
You keep asking, why did I marry you?
Whether you got stretch marks or birth defects,
Patches of white skin or Albino-ism,

God created something beautiful,
It wasn’t your short stature or wide hips,
What makes you beautiful is what makes a homeless man pious,
When I need a quiet heart,
Crave a kiss or something more,
It simply that one sweet tooth of yours that is a little bit crooked,

No matter how many bruises,
How many potentials or lost causes,
I don’t care if the rest of the world thinks your ugly,
God sent me the most beautiful prized possession,
Not a half-naked Barbie leading me to hell,
I got an indescribable priceless Muslimah,

Understand, it was the fact I found something precious,
After everybody threw away a once in a lifetime chance,
I received a gift meant to be cherished,
Never forgotten nor blemished,
Meant to dance and speak,
Playing hide and seek,
Meant to feel young again…


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