Blind Fool And The Woman Who Never Knew (Public Transportation)

Sight is not 20/20; instead Sight is when you have lost Sight,
When you realize shine doesn’t come from another person’s sight…

Imagine riding public transportation,
Only your weight able to judge whose aware,

In the presence of blessed visionaries,
I wish to put my hand out for you to hold,
Behind the glasses I wear are lost pearls,
Using precious gems to gather time before it is gone,

Sitting with my arm out the window,
Similar to that of a homeless woman finding happiness,
When she stumbles upon sneakers in the trash during the coldest of winters,

Don’t make me pledge for I can’t promise you anything,

I can’t pledge money or constellations,
I can’t pledge great wealth or health,

All I can promise is 5 minutes of truth…

Imagine walking with no guidance or yard-stick,
Only years of sticking to solitary insanity between east and west,

My dear…

I voice concern over your safety,

We sit on this public transportation,
I’d rather not speculate about curves or imperfections,
I’d rather speak of intellect and reflection,

I noticed you tap your foot constantly,
As if you are afraid of being trapped in a corner with a total stranger,

You try to cast suspicion,
Eyes declare war without sending proper salutation,
Thinking me as a cheat,
Behind appearances are functioning senses,

Imagine without sight I witness beautiful travesty,
You are a planted seed which grew larger than life,
Prior seeds gave birth to that which towers over them,

It is when this young woman’s refusal to believe flourished,

“I have never met a blind man who can see so clearly…”

Never meant to burden,
Proceeded with happiness,
Never prostitution,

I am only as polished as you polish me…

Don’t misunderstand me…

I am here and I will leave as time warrants,
Imagine feeling a stranger’s hand without fear or gossip,

Grown skeleton frame,
Pink nails,
Without flattery,
Eyes rendered fantasies,
Heels and waist size develop treacherous motives,

Witnessing a lisp and hardly a place to sit,

Her tongue became clear,
Her hands sweating,
Nearly dying imagining a blind man,

As public transportation stopped,
Gone as fast as he arrived,

“Excuse me, ma’am, you need to pay your fare…”


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