I Will Do Everything Your Ex-Man Couldn’t or Wouldn’t Do

Today, let the world know who you love,
If you got an Angel, Queen by your side,
Let the world know,
Her ex boyfriend lost the most precious jewel,
Without doubt, she’s priceless,
Unimaginable beauty,
Temptation jealous,
Zeus denied access,

I will do everything your ex-man couldn’t do,
Everything your ex-man wouldn’t do,
When our lips meet,
My heart will sing a song,
Only your ribs know the melody to,
I wish to erase all painful memories from your past,
Create happiness where darkness sleeps,

Your ex-man could never describe you adequately,
He never was able to describe why he fell in love with you,
Question my intentions,
Force me to bow at beauty,
Lower my gaze at flaws,
Willing to ignore faults,
You don’t have to ask,
I am at your disposal,
Willing to protect and defend your honor,

Today is the day you will feel trust caressing your skin,
It is not a feeling,
It is physical attraction meant to cause a loss of oxygen,
Meant to knock you off your feet so I can catch you,

If I was never meant to love,
If my only goal was to get into your pants,
Get in and out,
I wouldn’t have put this much work in,
I wouldn’t have asked for to exchange vows and rings,

Understand my intentions are pure,
Nothing but faithful ascension,
Opening doors,
Toss whatever is in your way outta’ the way,
Holding your dress up so it doesn’t get dirty,

Without a doubt I wait bed-side,
I won’t rush,
I understand beauty comes from patience,
I will never ask for you to rush,
Spend as much time as you want preparing,
Whatever you dream we are inclined to use,
I make available fresh fruit,

You are not only my partner in crime,
You are my prized fighter,
You are my prized possession,

Worthy of all my attention,
I never started from your legs,
Never examined if you had anything in the back,
Never measured what you got up in the chest,
I only asked,
Could I treat you like a Queen,

If you don’t understand,
I wish to be your hot water,
Wish to be the one washing your back,
Giving back massages,

I wish to show other brothers how to treat a lady,
I wish to show how it feels to be the Queen of a man’s world,
Your body was not what made you the center of my attention,
It was your intellect,
How you entered without fear attacking anything that moves,
I wish to be your protection and affection,

I love you not because of the attention you gave,
I love you because you gave me redemption,
One chance to show,
I am able to be the father of your children,
The best husband you could ask for,

If you ask me,
God answered your prayers,
All you can do is downgrade,
If you leave me…


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