An Offensive Child of This Earth Is Never Sorry

I will offend,
No apology or pardon,
Purely an offensive strategy,
Entering humanities’ battlefield equipped with destiny,
Fate holstered,
Openly crusading against Bloody Sunday,
Inquisition can’t sentence me,

Words encourage me,
Archers beautify integrity,
Kings and Queens eliminate doubt,
FEDS come knocking,

My soul embarks on tragedy,
Walking down alleyways resurrecting memories,
They try to damper shine,
Maybe they hide the light,
Yet the sky sings songs,
Stars vibrate to the beat of footsteps,
Sometimes heart-beats,
Never realizing my palms became sweaty,
When my eye-lids flickered,
In connection with the number of times,
My hands beat the sky in reply,

Often times,
I am asked do you believe in history?
I don’t believe in yesterday,

If you demand humanity to treat you beautifully,
If you wish for strangers not to make blonde jokes,
If you plead on the streets asking for derogatory @igga (word) erased,
If you dream of being treated as a Queen not a @itch,
If you care to be treated as a person (not just another racist prick with White Privilege),

Our wants and suggestions,
Birthed from corruption,
If youth wish to duplicate gang life,
Witness tattooed men playing basketball,

Understand half of them file for bankruptcy,
Another half charged with spousal abuse,
How do you expect to succeed if you can’t function respectfully?

Huey understood how to scare and persuade,
King dressed as a Gentleman yet was a Social Justice Godfather,
Malcolm dressed as The President,

If White women don’t want to be called prejudice, discriminatory, or racist,
Stop trying to duplicate features from the Mother Land,
Jenner lip challenge,
Braids and cornrows,

If you didn’t know,
Twerking originated from Africa as a tribal dance,
Mapouka in West Africa,
Niiko in Somalia,

If White man don’t want to be stereotyped,
Stop thinking one day you will be an honorary ‘Black’,
Non people of color,
Will never understand the struggle of people of Color,

Communicate with women as if all of them are your mother or sister,
Succeed by receiving an Education,

I ask for the executioner to strike,
Some live,
Others witness,
Colorful mosaic windows laying smashed in the street,

I speak out of love,
Never out of selfishness,
Whispering delicately into her ear,

My words softly brushes against the inside swirl of her ear-lobe,
Her blood pressure rises,
Temperature increases,
We infuse one another in an intense array of passion,

She suffers from seizures,
Her back spasms glorify sensual minutes after seduction,

I offended you,
This is how we make love…


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