Working On Your Gag-Reflex

Don’t got a lot of cash but I got knowledge stashed,
Most of you talking crap, not aware I ain’t another cat,
Mother handed down game, I got a 50 Cal strapped to my calf,

Empty words got me rolling dice, not enough time to earn another life,
Short-lived are your words, got my thoughts earning interest quick,

Don’t worry about sending me notes, I been receiving roses from your own,
Got my own sources, not matter what google scholar you know,

Police captain or not, scare me not unless gentle words appear,
Short-lived years got crippled children singing, can’t you hear?

Been taking it off ever since hoe became popular, not a single cent,
Unless somebody drops their 2 cents, believed I made sense,

Your brain exercises reflex, girls been working on gag-reflex,
Tragedy assessed complex, assassinated without perplex,

Everyday tried to suggest observing Ramadan after regret,
World been living in neglect, she has been dancing resurrection,
Over and over witnessing girls grinding, boys spending,

Men busy lying, women exercising brain power,
This pen started bleeding the moment she wept, unless,
She crept within bones, taking control of what hungers for the throne…


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