Origins of Beauty

Is it a trend? Or just another racist sensation?
Past relations, worth-while hoaxes became fan sensations,
Over coffee tables and family dinners, poorly painted portraits,
Our history books paint White women proud, exclusively beautiful,
Fast-forward society prints Black next to beautiful, as if Beautiful can’t be Black,

Without hesitation, I got words of encouragement,
White immigrants might need to call for disaster relief when I’m finished,
Blond hair, blue eyes; wasn’t that Hitler’s Motto?

Up until the slave trade, European women didn’t inquire,
Such things like lips, natural braids, or thickness, European women’lacked’,

Not until Europeans placed bondage, sailed ships carrying slaves,
Not until Europeans celebrated independence, Belgium zoo’s held captive Black little girls,
Not until Europeans scientifically studied African women, were they perplexed over natural beauty,

What does it mean? Sheneque has been told to stay inside,
Whites have been persuaded darker is better, in regards to Tanning Salons but not job offers,

Beauty associated with lighter complexions, Hollywood far from satisfaction, nor is it the right complexion,
Movies portray light-skinned girls as the perfect reflection, lets take a look reactions,
White girls portraying low self-esteem by wearing braids, young Black girls inquiring Bleach,

In most cases, White girls plagiarizing style from Black Queens, Black Queens seduced into relaxing under shade,
Don’t people know, Africans need the sun, without it they can’t receive Vitamin D,
Don’t hide under the shade, you were genetically modified by the most perfect of Artists,

You don’t need extensions, nor fake nails to portray false appearances,
Beauty was placed within your DNA, starting with roots of your hair,
Down to the color of your eyes, the measurement between your ears,

Your lips meet each other every morning, wishing I was able to kiss you the way your lips relax against one another,
Don’t under-estimate yourself, beauty soaks under each color of lip-stick,
Black, Purple, Red, or Pink, wishing I was the Coco Butter so I could feel your skin against mine,

Do we not realize, 100 years ago, beauty did not contain a race,
It was not owned by one particular nationality, why does beauty have to be read next to one color?
This world confused, believes it is okay to say, “you are beautiful for a black girl”,
Kim’s sister believes it is ok to degrade Blacks with her lips, God knows if she can give good brain?
Without a doubt, listen to my words,
Starting from how many miles your ancestors walked along the trail of tears, how perfectly placed your hips are,
Didn’t you hear, in order to have a fluid pregnancy, the wider the hips the better,
How your stomach lining is constructed, how perfectly crafted your chest relaxes,
From natural roots to struggling feet, Dark, brown, and caramel complexions arise,
Beautiful no matter what color shines, igniting African beauty, the Mother Land cries,

None of this beauty would have been known, if the Europeans did not witness,
In this regards, Black is Beautiful, Beautiful is Black,
Black stands next to what is defined as Beautiful, White cannot exercise theft for they know nothing unless born after ignorance,
Why does beauty have to be written after white, why can’t Black be beautiful instead of ‘beautiful for being black’?


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