Caado la gooyey caro Allay leedahay

Aabe, kan yar iga celiyoo kan weyn igu sii daa,
Oh father, my words are lost,
I remember you sitting at my bed-side,
Your words pure, soft-spoken, as if you weren’t present,

Abaal nin gala waa la arkay, nin gudase lama arag.
If I don’t fulfill my obligation,
Hoyo asked, what stays and lingers?
Abeesadii lix jir kugu qaniintaa lixdan jir bay kugu dishaa.

My broken promises pretend to be a strong man,
I wish not for my father to be like other fathers,
At school everyday, I heard,
Abkay dooli dilow, dad nool maas u dahaa?

Would I dare believe mystical ideas about my own?
Knowing each day changes; color of the sky flirts between shades,
Under this tree we sit, resting against the trunk of desires,
Adduunyo waa hooska labadiisa gelin,

As the sun drops below shape-shifting clouds,
My eyes travel in between canals and valleys,
My brother’s hand relinquishes words held in captivity
Wax qof la toosan baa qof la tuur leh:

Each stripe of blue divides into two,
Yellow and red flares strike high,
Purple and pink shine bright,
What does it mean?
How clouds and the canvas complete one another,

Waxaad taqaan guurso, waxaad taqaan ha kuu dhashee:
How my mother balances bath water on her head,
My father waits in return,
Finishing dishes that his wife did not wash,

Waanu abuuris baa ka horreysay.
My grand-father the father of my father,
His character became my father’s character,
Sitting upon the floor my father waited for his wife,

It wasn’t until she placed in front of us,
Milk from our camel,
I had grown but my mind tired of late,
Sidaan kuguu lisay iiguma hambayn,

After dinner my father put me to sleep,
My mother kissed me on the cheek,
Nin fadhigaaga arkaya looma sare joogsado,
Her words dug into my conscience,
My eyes became heavy,
I was awake no longer…


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