49 Tribes 13 Oppressions


O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you people s and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. (49:13)

We are commanded to get to know one another. Allah (s.w.t) knew that their would be cultures and people similar and different from one another. In religion, food, language, nationality, tribe, and shade (just to name a few). This piece was written to explore, promote, and spread awareness.

Eruption of ego,
Blood, sweat, and tears,
Eroding years of ignored issue,
Some desire an alter ego,
An affection for the opposite tissue,

Others prefer keeping close to home,
Without realizing,
You are in a compromising situation,
Won’t marry your daughter to his tribe,
Particular tribe you are part of,
Exact geographical region,
None of it was your choice,
Birthed from accidental preordained occasion,

Children of Israel,
Class distinctions among the Hindus,
Superiority of the Brahmins established,
Shudras cast into the depths of disgrace,
Atrocities committed against Africans,

America believes in segregation,
South Africans torturing Somalis,
Treatment of Red Indians by Europeans,

Worst of the worst nations becoming enemies,
Manifestation of Nazi Germany,
Concept of Superiority of the Nordic Race,

The world has forgotten,
God has drawn attention,
We share the same origin,
Men and women sprung up from one man and woman,

All races and nationalities,
Branches of one springing from one mother and father,
One God alone,
Different men have not been created by different gods,
We were made from the same substance,
It is not so that some men were made from a superior substance,
You have been created in one and the same,

In spite of origin,
It is natural that we shall be divided into nations and tribes,
With the spread of many coming from one,
It was inevitable that countless tribes would arise,

After settling in different regions,
Shall different colors, features, and languages be produced,
This natural split never demanded distinctions or inequality,

High and low,
Noble and mean,
People of one color,
Should not look down upon the people of another color,

Nations and tribes,
Natural way of cooperation and distinction,
Tribe and nation combined,

It was the actions of men,
Seduced by empty promises,
From a forked tongue snake,
Means of recognition were turned into mutual boasting,
Hatred led mankind to every kind of injustice and tyranny,

God measured all men and women equally,
Superiority over another only in whose more God-conscious,
Greater determination to avoid evil,
Follower of the way of piety and righteousness,
Such a man or woman,
From any race, nation, or country is worthy of righteousness,

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),
After going around the Kabah, he said:

Thank God Who has removed from you the blemish of ignorance and its arrogance.
O people, men are divided into classes: the pious and righteous,
Who are honorable in the sight of Allah,
And the sinful and vicious, who are contemptible in the sight of Allah,
Whereas all men are the children of Adam and Adam had been created by Allah from clay.

(Baihaqi, Tirmidhi).

We must not forget the occasion of the Farewell Pilgrimage,
In the midst of the Tashriq days,
He addressed the people, and said:

O people, be aware: your God is One.
No Arab has any superiority over a non-Arab,
And no non-Arab any superiority over an Arab,

And no white one has any superiority over a black one,
And no black one any superiority over a white one,
Except on the basis of taqwa (piety).

The most honorable among you in the sight of Allah,
Is he who is the most pious and righteous of you.

Say if I have conveyed the Message to you?
And the great congregation of the people responded, saying:
Yes, you have, O Messenger of Allah.
Thereupon the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
Then let the one who is present convey it to those who are absent.


Without understanding,
People need educating,

All the children of Adam,
Created from dust and/or clay,
Do not boast of ancestors,
Otherwise you are degraded,
Standard of a dung beetle,

When you stand after death,
God will not inquire about your lineage,
Most honorable are the pious,
God does not see your outward appearance,
Nor your possessions,
He sees your heart and deeds,

Those who oppose,
Discriminate based on differences,
Admit that no precedent is found,
In any religion nor system except in Islam,

Welded and combined races and communities,
North and South,

Any pious man can marry any pious woman,
Any pious woman can marry any pious man,

Similar habits,
Intellectual characteristics,
Family tradition and social status,

Whether Brown skin or peach fuzz,
Blond hair or natural curves,
Illegal arms or hiding behind a badge,

Why not drop the gun before it turns into a weapon?
Ideas kill,
Bullets replace disaster,

In the eye of the beholder,
What you run over believing is a Gazelle,
I see as the most beautiful,

Most noble of wives,
Best fathers,
Blessed children,

Before we part ways,
I gotta’ preach for a minute,
Stop using bleach,
Prefer walking along the beach,
Breach of a priest,
Told never speak,

Never found light-skinned girls attractive,
Don’t get me wrong,
Another man’s loss another man’s treasure,

Always taught aim for the stars,
What one calls priceless,
Became everyday greed,
I don’t mean to breed,
Nor speak of spreading seed,
Seeking a tan queen,
From the mother-land,

All in the eye of the beholder,
Without further notice,
Came to the conclusion,
Dark beauty sparks happiness,

I ain’t saying Black is superior,
What I’m saying,
Black completes my interior,
Causing my exterior to become a barrier,
Producing an allergic reaction to systematic oppression…


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