Dear Humanity

don’t remember the last time i slept beautifully,
or the last time my ears smelled flowers silently,
my eyes witnessed lights shining brightly,
witnessed people hiding behind masks gradually,

children deserve love unconditionally,
widows believe in God courageously,

thought everyone believed similarly,

hands placed sincerely,
eyes watch modestly,
words spoken carefully,
ears listening respectfully,

masjid for orphans majestically,
teaching whole-heartedly,
feeding faithfully,
speaking softly,

walking girls to school daily,

asked why the world contradicts harshly?

every night my head spins mightily,
rehearsing voices heard solemnly,
they said softly believing rightfully,

looking into a hungry child’s eyes tenderly,
mother watching her child die slowly,
tears blown away quietly,

worldly dreams aren’t shared openly,
those who wish madly reminded violently,

no matter the race send salaams politely,
as drones drop i love elegantly,

her feet ran softly,
along the dirt road fondly,
into my arms she fell daringly,
kissed her forehead cheerfully,

asked ‘are you ready to start your lesson’ solemnly?


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