What Night Feels Like After Family Dies

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you two,
Long walks, tough times, endless knights under street lights,
Ali taught me how to draw lines instead of picking sides,
Catalina sugar-coated dreams,
Without prevail,
Regardless of tattoos or parlor tricks,
Can’t shake our walk down memory lane,

You had it bad,
Asked me to take care of your ‘baby’ sister,
Stars aligned during this fine night,
We walked past long lines,
Talked with Carlos for far too long,
Over and over,
I asked what was wrong,
Without tears,
You needed a friend,

I wasn’t sure when I would meet you,
Yesterday you knocked,
Stood on my front step,
We left that step,
Took a walk down our alley-way,

You told me, ‘it won’t last’,
I reminded you, ‘we only got each other’,
All you handed me was an agreeable nod,
No matter how many bottles smashed,
How many nights crossed nor clubs closed,
We walked barefoot,
We wished for cuts,

Jeans ripped,
Palms bloody,
Bullet holes hiding,

We were in plain sight…

I realized your only crime,
You wanted the best for Catalina,
No matter what it took,
Catalina deserved better,

She didn’t deserve to be killed,
By he who murdered her kin,
Kindness wasn’t for strangers,

Last night,
Catalina was waiting on our front step,
Under the moon’s reflection we saw her pain,
Through pain and laughter,
Sadness was growing,

Black strands of silk,
Eyes dark brown,
Used to be a light shade of brown,
Color faded,
Dreams disappeared,
Cheeks inflated balloons,
Wishes lost,

We were family once,
We have come a long way,
We will never forget you,

Just in case,
You are still curious,

Catalina was paid,
Her struggle achieved,
She makes 6 figures,
You are an uncle of 6,

We wish to see you again…


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