99 Names of الله

We call Him الله ,
Oh’ Allah (s.w.t),
You are الرحمن,
We cannot imagine or measure your compassion,
I am told to seek your guidance,
No matter how many times I fall,
You are الرحيم,

No matter the land I prostrate on,
You are الملك,
Man-made laws will not oppress,
We are your creation,
We sin infinity,
You are القدوس,

Violence and genocide,
We strive in order to act as one Ummah,
Countless wars started,
You are السلام,
Without You we are not at peace,

You are المؤمن,
Inspiration grows from your words,
Qur’an is a seed without the need of water,
All your creation needs to do is read one page,
Your faith does not need to be guarded,
You are المهيمن,
Everything that we receive is from you,
Anything that was not meant to be,
For we know not what is good for us,

For we cannot be victorious alone,
You are العزيز,
Battles won only if You allow them to be won,
We cannot compel anything to act,
For you are الجبار,
You are He who created all creation,

We are nothing but lowly servants,
You are المتكبر,
We are the smallest of ants,
All of our moments sprung from your glory,
For you are الخالق,

Everything was created in order,
We all will be judged in order,
For you are البارئ,
Nothing can escape your vision,
Anything you witness,
Turns to beauty if You command,
For you are المصور,

As we walk this life,
Our faults witness preparation as tears grow,
You are الغفار,
We cannot subdue anything without permission,
For you are القهار,
Nothing can fall into our laps,
Without your permission,
You are الوهاب,

We cannot walk without your permission,
You are the الرزاق,
Our hands cannot open,
You are الفتاح,
As creation,
Our minds are limited,
You are العليم,

Struggle constricts,
Allah (s.w.t) tests His worshipers,
You are القابض,
As well as الباسط,
When we need to be reminded,
You are الخافض,

Your words reminds us,
You are الرافع,
Without honor,
We are nothing,
Evidence is not needed,
You are المعز.
If ego develops sores,
You are المذل,

Sometimes we do not listen
For our ears do not work,
Yet you are السميع,
Nothing slips past your wingspan,
Our future is known,
You are البصير,

No man-made laws can judge us,
For you are الحكم,
Equal and fair,
We call you العدل,
No evidence persuades,
Only when we are not looking,
You send us clues,
One of your names,

No matter if our eyes are covered,
We cannot be deceived but you are الخبير,
Similarly الحليم,
Mountains cannot equal in beauty,
You are العظيم,
We run and hide,
Our deeds will be uncovered,
You are الغفور,
Opposites attract,
You are الشكور,

You are العلي,
Creator not part of this world,
He is outside of creation,
You are الكبير,
Plants nourished,
Sunlight needed,
You are الحفيظ,
Life cannot develop without your permission
You are المقيت,
Deeds written,
Books established,
You are الحسيب,

You are الجليل,
Nothing comparable to Your bounty,
No human can match Your generosity,
Which is why you are الكريم,
Binoculars not needed,
You are الرقيب,
When prayers are sent,
You are المجيب,
No matter intellect,
You are الواسع,

No matter if we are knowledgeable,
We cannot be as wise as you,
You are الحكيم,
Mothers love children,
They cannot match Your love,
You are الودود,
Without You,
We are lost,
You are المجيد,

Doctors cannot bring people back to life,
You are الباعث,
We are onlookers,
You are الشهيد,
You sent revelation
You are الحق,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was trustful
You are الوكيل,

You are القوى,
No one can match your strength,
No matter if we ignore,
You are المتين,
You are الولي,
We shall praise you till death,
You are الحميد,
Nothing reaches us without Your consent,
You are المحصى,
Qur’an cannot be duplicated,
You are المبدئ,
No doctor can match your accuracy,
You are المعيد,

You are المحيي,
As well as المميت,
Creation can die but you are الحي,
You do not need anyone,
We need You,
You are القيوم,
Detectives cannot solve this mystery,
You are الواجد,

No amount of fame,
You are الماجد,
You are not three in one,
You are الواحد.
Without You we cannot strive,
You are الصمد,
Obama does not hold power,
You are القادر,

Without You Obama has no power,
You are المقتدر,
Messages cannot be sent without your power,
You are المقدم,
If messages do not reach their destination,
You are المؤخر,
By logic you الأول and الآخر,

Nothing can be manifested,
You are الظاهر,
When nothing can be found you are الباطن,
When we look for friends,
It is in the wrong place,
You are الوالي,

Non-Muslims forget,
You are المتعال ,
We play by your rules,
When Muslims misbehave,
We cannot blame Islam,
For you are البر,
We hold Qur’an close,
You are التواب,
When we want vengeance,
We ignore you are المنتقم,

When we do wrong,
You are العفو,
As well as الرؤوف,
This world we do not own,
You are مالك الملك,
You are ذو الجلال و الإكرام,
Fairness cannot be reached with understanding,
You are المقسط,

You are الجامع,
When I am poor,
When I am content,
I remember you are الغني,
As well as المغني,
You are المانع,
If we are harmed,
We remember,
You are الضار,
When we forget,
I remember,
You are النافع,

When it is dark,
You are النور,
When I am lost,
You are الهادي,
Without You,
I cannot live,
You are البديع,
I will die someday but you are الباقي,
I will inherit nothing but you are الوارث,
When I am in school,
My mind skips rocks,
My fingers write 99 names,
You are الرشيد,
As well as الصبور…


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