Start To Finish I Masquerade Your Name

Greed and deeds got needs but my ego bleeds,
Ever since I was a teen, God became Unseen,
Never knew if I was gonna’ live,
Only worry if I could move without being seen,
Learned trees are not dependent on leaves,
Nor are roots dependent on who leaves,
Bleak dreams realized they had dreams,
Beliefs within beliefs serenaded irony,

Young age conceptualized contraception,
Held theories at arms-length correlating wave-length,
Sensual dramas end when Quills dry,
Quiet children drown sorry in-between chalk lines,

If God called on me,
I would not know where to start…

Different colours receive different shades,
Eye-sight and taste buds take flight within shade,
Standing under a tree’s shade I watch the sun masquerade,
Waiting for God to blind adherence to shame,
None who came before realized my name,
My finger-tips play games,

When my eyes tip-toe across your seam,
Measuring the inside seam of your waist,
Pardon waitresses for not memorizing your name,
Feet danced to the song ears play,
Day after day I wait for your sign,

How your spine releases spasms from shine,
Signal not the fire is out till stars fall,

If God called on me,
I would not know where to finish…


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