What Does It Mean If Two People Sleep Together

you love all of me even if i am not aware of all me,
you catch my tears while my legs fall before my eyes cry,
you wash my insides to the point my external becomes worthless,

my eyes shine as your eyes glisten reflecting off my interior,
even when I sleep I feel your natural locks glide across my skin,

who knew when my eyes closed you protected me from the world,
ur head was a feather weight sitting cross-legged on my chest,

if I told you I had cancer or a fatal disease would you stay,
or would you run side by side with winds uncovering treasure,

but I promise that even while I sleep we will fall in love,
we will fall in love even if I lay flat and can’t get up,

I won’t let us die but gather armies ready to resurrect tragic love,
we close our eyes and perform Mozart upon each other’s lips,

with all this said I woke up laying next to you,
it didn’t matter if we were sweaty or incoherent,

u r all I gathered,
u r all I press my lips against,

we rise and sleep…


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