If I Could Speak To My Body-Parts

Dear tongue, speak swiftly and coherently,
If others don’t understand,
It is not your duty to dumb-down history,

Dear tongue, speak honestly and tragically,
Don’t censor nor lavish in wealthy rags,
It is not your duty to speak politically correct,

Dear eyes, speak strangely and savagely,
Invisibility becomes seen while the unseen becomes natural,
Watch the hour-glass turn smooth skin into sand paper,

Dear eyes, speak informally and visually,
While stick figures comprehend light,
Darkness compiles secrets intellectually,

Dear hands, speak comfortably and furiously,
Trees carve roots violently,
Truth encourages doubt never resurrected,

Dear hands, speak easily and uncontrollably,
Witness bloated figures faint,
Saints develop mental illness,

Dear ears, speak credibly and irrationally,
Revolution destroys passive behavior,
Resurrect flower petals,

Dear ears, speak willfully and courageously,
Waiting patiently for death,
Condemn democracy not poverty,

Dear brain, speak insanity and weary,
Few visually dance waiting for ants to cross,
Condemn not individuals condemned to horrific intellect,

Dear brain, speak intensely and softly,
Play jump-rope with projectile objects,
Consider not dying before becoming a symbol…


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