Letter To My Daughter (Baby-Girl)

Baby-Girl, remember daddy loves two ways,
I love the sight when you walk and splash in your first bath,
I love when you go on your first date,
I will speak with the boy you are getting to know,
‘If you hurt my Baby-Girl, I will hurt you,’

Understand, daddy knows ‘this’ love comes at a price,
Daddy loves in the same way as family takes a bullet for one another,
Daddy loves the same way as sons carry mothers,

Baby-Girl, remember daddy loves you like this,
When you get hurt, daddy will resurrect prison behavior,
Bribe for a shank, ending whoever caused you to cry,

Baby-Girl, daddy loves with no in-between,
If you walk out of our home wearing booty-shorts,
Daddy will do the same, now ask, will you approve?

If you ‘fuck’ every man who flirts with my Baby-Girl,
Daddy will flirt and ‘fuck’ every…
Baby-Girl, I am sorry daddy will not sleep with men,
Baby-Girl, sometimes my mind becomes that of Black coffee,

Nothing is wrong with ‘sleeping with’,
Your mommy and I ‘sleep’ with one another but…
‘Fuck’ it talk to your mother,
I didn’t want to have this conversation,

Baby-Girl, your daddy loves only one way,
We will drink tea, play dress-up, attend movies,
I will dance with you in parks and recreational establishments,

Baby-Girl, listen, daddy’s love will come at a price,
When you are 18, daddy will visit you at college,
Your friends will say, ‘your father is psycho’,
You will respond, ‘I know but he is the kindest man in the world’,

Baby-Girl, understand daddy only loves two ways,
Love you or die, protect you or deny life,
Baby-Girl, I will save the sweetest moments for you,

Baby-Girl, I will write and sing songs,
I will dance with you, I will hold your hand and guide you,
I will teach you about woman-hood,

Baby-Girl, daddy wants…
Baby-Girl, listen…

Daddy wants you to be a Queen,
Daddy wants you to be a Woman,
Daddy wants you to be a crazy hair Amazonian warrior,

Baby-Girl, listen,
You will learn how to carry,
Baby-Girl, daddy loves only two ways,
Daddy will love you every step when it rains,

We will stumble upon foot-races,
We will sit together,
We will study together,
We will pray together,

Baby-Girl, daddy loves as daddy sees,
When you are young,
You will defend daddy,
‘He is not mean, he is the kindest man in the world’,

When you are older,
You will defend daddy,
‘His fashion memorizes books without flipping pages,
He is the kindest man in the world’…


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