Rag Haween Ayaa Kala Hor Mariya (English/Somali)

Not everything that shines turns into a gem,
Dhamman wixii dhalaala dheemman ma aha,
Been told romance does not exist,
Idho jaceyl isma eegaan,
Eyes in love do not stare out of bashfulness,
Naag la’aani waa naf la’aan,
Man without woman without life,

What does it mean?
Intaadan fallin ka fiirso
Look before you leap,

Aaddane eed ma waayo,
Humans never without fault,
Love without strings,
Nin rag ah haweentii ka adag, doqonna isgaa ka adag,
Wish to be a good man,
Lesser men dominate wives,

Haween la’aani waa hoy la’aan,
No woman means no shelter,
No woman means no culture,

Pillars of society,
Without foundation,
No means of joy,

Barasho horteed ha I nicin,
Don’t hate,
Don’t stereotype,
Get to know me,

Guri ann hooyo lahayni waa lama degaan,
Without mother,
Home that of a desert,
Homes filled with trust,

Without Mother,
Darkness engulfs home,

Rag waxaa u liita ma toshe, ma tashade iyo ma tashiishe,
Never sews,
Never consults,
Never economizes,
Never prioritizes,

Can’t control ‘his’ value,

Xoolo rag farana ka tirsan feerana ka sisaaban,
Man’s wealth countable,
Worth numbering,
Remembered by ‘his’ heart,

I don’t mean to talk,
Without reason,
Hadal badan haan ma buuxsho,
Sir naagood lama sal gaaro,
Woman’s deception has no bottom,

I reject,
Substituting men for women,

Without numbers,
Can’t count,

Hal she loves me,
Labo she loves me not,
Saddex she loves me,
Afar she loves me not…


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