Its Been Too Long My Love

Its been awhile since I said, ‘I love you’…

Before I met you,
I was everyone’s political prisoner,

I waited until we met,
Until our eyes closed and my feet walked,
After 5208 feet,

Time and time again,
Looking into shallow eyes,
Sometimes Brown,

It wasn’t the color of your eyes,
It wasn’t your hands or how soft your words were,

Fear of your ears doubting my words,
Forcing me to speak a language only your heart understands,

In the beginning,
Everyone watched,
Took turns tap-dancing in my chest,

They wanted secrets,
Forced me to cheat death,
Tortured me until I gave answers,

Unlike torture,
Christian crusades,
No tactic successful,

Its been awhile since I said, ‘I love you’…

Your older,

Everything I waited for,
Everything I need,
Everything I prayed for,

Unlike pleasantries,
Past engagements aggressive,
Searched for clues,
Neither was I yours,
Nor an inglorious bastard,
Or an unpleasant fool,

When I met you,
My chains,
Sold into bondage,

You bought me,
Released me,
Married me,

Words seduced me,
Influenced me,
Led way to my escape,

I accepted
Your influence trapped me,
Your eyes matched my intellect,
Your heart encapsulated my creativity,

Its been awhile since I said, ‘I love you’…


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