How Can We Represent Change?

Been hearing love is in the air,
Reminding myself rest in peace,
Never allowed to change my (self),
Can’t change if were not the change,

Without speaking out against injustice,
Even if you’re the only soul pointing north,
Can’t speak of human rights,
If you’re promoting Nicki’s Anaconda,

Kindly regard my words,
Taking offence sweetly,
Don’t know if it is my fault or if your ignorant?

No matter if i’m the villain,
Taught never sit back,
How else can we make a difference?

For those in search of guidance,
Look at how we treat our women,
Waiting for women to get tipsy,
Buying drinks,
Counting the number of women you slept with,

Assault on women’s image,
No need to deny what can be seen on TV,
Barely 18,
Twerk education,
Alcohol reaching hundred’s per bottle,
Negative attention reinforced primal instinct,
Poetry used for talking dirty through Rap and Hip Hop,
Turning women into prostitutes seeking money and fame,

If you want to be treated like a Queen,
If you want to be treated like a Mother,
If you want to be treated like a Sister,

Past, present, and future generations…

How your treated,
Based on actions,
If your a thirsty Thursday club goer,
Enjoy grinding on men,
Father ain’t looking,
Taking birth control,
Hiding condoms,
Doing everything so Momma’ don’t catch you,

Your gonna’ be treated like a hoe…

If you wanna’ be treated with respect,
Get an education,
Knowledge implies you don’t sell your body,
World knows we need social workers,
Sincere doctors,
Better lawyers,
Smarter teachers,

World has enough strippers,

If your goal is be admired because you got money,
Women don’t love you because your intelligent,
They don’t love you because your brilliant,
Wait until money disappears,.

If you wanna’ be used for beauty,
They don’t care how your feeling,
Producers, managers, and record labels only see money,

When it comes to this world,
We can’t change unless we represent change…


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