We Enjoy Being Slaves

Between love and hate lays insanity,
Often times freedom, equality, justice,
Cannot comprehend if they are a gift or a right,
If they were a gift,
How long do we have to wait?
If they were our right,
What are we waiting for?

Must we wait until slave ships have left?
Shall we wait until chains are taken off?
When does patience collide with thirst?

If a young child stands hungry,
Watching wealthy men and women stuff themselves with greed,

Beyond lights,
Academy Awards or Oscars,
World Series, Finals, and Superbowl,

We have more Blacks incarcerated,
Slaves number holds no comparison,
Death tolls rise,
Latina, Black, Native,
Does it matter?

We pretend to care,
Only if our ethnicity is the one promoted to ‘News Worthy’,

What will it take?
For our generation to realize,
We cannot wait,

Golden Globes 100 percent White,
Music industry destroying bright minds,
Justice system flawed,

We are not aware,
Living in Gaza,
Raised to believe Somalia, Yemen, and Mexico are dangerous,

Compared to Chicago, Detroit, Oakland,
We hold the Gold for highest rate of homicides,

If anything is going to change,
We can’t believe the Civil Rights Movement is dead,
Anything can be resurrected,
Proclaimed monumental in the face of corruption,

Don’t look to senators, representatives, or the president to invoke change,
Heroes are born,
Learnt men and women,

Nelson Mandela sentenced 27 years,
Biko became Chief,

Not many willing to speak truth,
Mandela bombed military compounds,
Communication towers,
African National Congress,
South Africa’s Black Panthers,

Why are we waiting?
Maybe we like watching innocence being slaughtered,
Reading internet stories,
Witnessing new blips,
Local Latina died,

Shot three times,
Once in the pelvis,
Once in the thigh,
Once in the chest,

Maybe, you get off on it,
Maybe, you don’t even want change to come,

We enjoy being in chains and someone’s slave…


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