Reversal of Rights

Voice of one million slaves,
Can’t deny rights,
Fight suicide,
No situation impossible,
Mission impossible $hit ain’t suicide,
Escaped in disguise,

Cleaning wounds,
Gunshots heard,

Riding valiantly,
Washington cowardly,
Slaves working hourly,
Europeans speaking dishonestly,
Treaties nothing honestly,

Blacks, Japanese, Irish,
Everything in proximity,
Accent unrecognizable,
Dirty blues hunting,
Government killing spree,

Regardless of if, and, or but,
Feet accomplished Shakespearean Sonnets,
Eyes to the sky,
Pen attracting legends,
Soul exercised forgiveness,

All that’s left…

Waiting for brothers in chains,
Horizontal strikes,
Nooses relinquishing fight,
Reversal of rights,
Hanging Whites,

Maybe you should be thankful,
Maybe you should be afraid,

We ain’t asking,
Wear our shoes…


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