Homeless Knowledge

‘What are you hungry for?’

I was starving,
Sometimes I don’t eat for days,
Lucky if I can find half an apple,

Instead of sounding needy,
I spoke cleanly,
All I wanted to do was read books daily,
Hungry for knowledge everyday,

‘I don’t need your money’,

Man offended,
Blond cheerleader holding daddy’s wallet,

‘This is the last time I’m helping your kind’,

He crafted me with His bare hands,
Gold doesn’t equal my value,
Internal ego deflated when compassion initiates,

When I watch your hand reach,
My mind escapes,

When I was born,
Mary gave birth under a tree,
Children sleeping on park benches,
Arrested without knowledge laws against ‘soliciting’,

We fight pedestrians,
Not allowed to react suffering police brutality,

Ever seen a violinist?
When your wallet goes missing,
Don’t look for me when you’re reflecting,
Tick for tack,
Children need food before starving,

System against us,
Police competing,
Hunting homeless catching voiceless,

Uncle sits,
Seeking change without concern for safety,

Winter strikes,
God pleads,
Homeless shelters converting,

Salvation Army Christian Orthodox,
We don’t mind if your Godly,
All we need are hands feeling warmly,

Seeking friendship,
We don’t need Scripture,
Take it easy,

All we need are ears listening quietly,

Searched in the trash for half an apple…


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