Dawah: Islam’s Chess Game

Life is a Chess game,
We’re the weak King,
One strong queen,
Couple bishops, rooks, knights,
Scrawny pawns,
Confused what move to make.
Forgot our endgame but today,
Were starting a new game,

No judgement,
Been everyplace you don’t wanna’ be,
Only way to escape is to find another way,

Drugs, alcohol, women,
Guns, gangs, prostitutes,
Strippers, escorts, dope dealers,
Crack feigns, growing weed, distributors,

Can’t change lives if we don’t understand them,
Can a Muslim talk game if he can’t flip dimes?
No covered woman can understand an uncovered woman,
Unless she’s been in the same shoes,
We speak the same language,

Ain’t talking about weed game,
Drunk parties,
Hitler Youth party,
Nah, I’m talking time,
Real crime,
Hot-wired five times,
Never snitched,
Grand Theft Auto,
Carried Iron,
Watched colorful eyes turn gray…

King moves one space at a time,
Needed to find my Queen,
Through all the darkness,
Corners of my mind,
Creepy crawlers,
Naysayers spoke,

Thought my ears were listening…
Indeed they were,
Heard birds,
Ringing sirens from Saturn’s rings,
Without a doubt life changed,
Selling girls,
Midnight strolls,
Feather hat,
Old-school hustler,

Found you,
Had nothing left,
Rooks, bishops, pawns gone,
Tried my best,
Time and time again,

You welcomed me…
I accepted…

Lost everything,
Gained it all back,
Tick for tack,

Life my chess game,
Explain what was given,
You’re a dealer,
Lets put it this way,
If you return with half,
What happens?

My boss,
His throne,
Unlike yours,
Sitting waiting to die,
Come back empty-handed,
Happy because I returned,

You walk streets afraid of car windows,
He who created me,
Muslim women unless reverts or (past) hoes,
Only way you can help those who need help,
Remember pain,
Days watching women standing,
Money exchanging,
Sexual appetites,

Knowing when fam’ goes home,
Never forgetting to kiss kids before sleeping,
Preparing breakfast,
Checking homework,
Love by those who never felt…

Chess game weakened,
Discuss pawns lost but my Queen,
She appeared,
Without delay…

Queen protects her King,
Not many people realize,
She needs her King,
Battle after battle,
Can’t survive without his Queen,

Chess and my Queen,
Without monetary gain,
Nightly escorting appointments,

Dawah my chess game,
Queen across seas,
Within minutes,
Life flashed before my eyes,



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