Response To Muslim Lives Don’t Matter

We are called “enemy combatants”, “national security risks”, and “unassimilable”,
Islam blamed, Muslims targeted, Boston Marathon Bombing our fault,
School massacre in Pakistan carried out by 1.6 Billion Muslims,
ISIS slaughtering Muslims approved by Ummah,
Muslims depicted, American Sniper America’s Hero,
Non-Muslims taking vengeance into their hands,
Western Influences sitting back,
Rwandans suffering Deja Vu,

Murderers, killers, and genocide,
Women, children, and old men,
Every Muslim a target,
Don’t matter if you’re an American citizen,
Anwar al-Awlaki’s,
Don’t need drones,
Assassinations executed,
Obama approves,

If you picked up a book,
You would learn American Sniper loved killing Muslims,
He wanted to go back and kill ‘Towel-Heads,
Carolina citizens taking law into their hands,
Islamic Schools vandalized across America,
African-Americans won’t be the only race enslaved,

Native Americans hunted,
Indian Children housed in Christian Orphanages,
African children placed in White Man’s hands,
Culture lost,
Name changes,
Muslims next,

All this tragedy reminds me of Allah’s (s.w.t) words,
In a hadith Qudsi, Allah (s.w.t) says:
“I will not unite two securities, nor two fears”.
Those who fear Allah’s (s.w.t) punishment will be protected,
While those who do not fear His punishment,
Will not be saved from His punishment,

(Gulen, The Essentials of Islamic Faith)

Non-Muslims presume silence as defeat,
When in fact,
Muslims hold strong,
Protected from Allah’s (s.w.t) punishment,
Dajjal strikes,
Mecca and Medina safe,

Muslims continue to lose battle after battle,
Halaal turns haraam,
Haraam becomes halaal,
Muslims stop reminding,

Muslim lives don’t matter,
West believes Propaganda stopped Ummah from educating,
Believes murdering stopped us from reacting,
Trying to scare us into hiding,
Using scriptures against us,

“An ant had bitten a Prophet among the Prophets,
And he ordered that the colony of ants should be burnt.
And Allah revealed to him, ‘Because of an ant’s bite,
You have burnt a community from amongst the communities which sing My glory.”

(Bukhari #3319 and Muslim #5567)

Allah (s.w.t) ordered specific creatures not to be killed,
Ants, bees, and sparrow-hawks. (Abu Dawood)
Predators strike,
We are allowed to defend,

Don’t presume knowledge as weakness,
Just as we don’t mistake hatred for stupidity,
Ignorance does not drop for from the tree,
Don’t speak of the Justice System,
Broken since the dawn of time,

Not long ago,
We taught you how to survive during the winter,
Without us,
You’d be living in caves,

Europeans forgetting who taught who,
Indigenous massacred to win this land,
Taught everything you boast today,

Learn Qur’an,
Man-made laws not what we follow,
Muslim lives matter,

Your propaganda does not faze us,
Your media can’t stop us,

You murdered sons, daughters, and mothers,
Your hospitals on stand-by,

If one of your killers try to dance,
I am obligated to go Khalid Bin Walid (ra)…


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