You Ain’t Nothing But A Soft Pretender Bring It

I have always been together,
Never broken,
Sometimes scratched, but never shattered,
Precious like a diamond,
Strong as steel,

Enemies use sticks and stones,
All they do is miss wide right,
When I perform Salat, just right,
No matter where I stand,
Onlookers hate, feeling jealousy,
Lack of Emaan, causing animosity,

Nothing knocks me out,
On my knees in position to pray,
Don’t bow to no man,
Standing strong, never cowering,

Always have my head in the game,
Never distracted by anyone’s shadow,
Got my eyes on the prize,

No storm sways me,
No winds shake me,
No violence stops me,

What can you do?
Fear not the weak of heart,
Signs of hypocrites got me trembling?
Back up, repeat…

Footsteps of hypocrites raise my shine,
You can’t ever reach where I’m standing,
Dr. King ain’t the only one,
I been to the mountaintop,

Got a backbone of steel,
Delivering evil from its hiding space,
No room for ignorance, excuses, or lies,
Slayer of sleight, nothing stands in my way,

Forever have Allah (s.w.t) on my side,
Dreaming of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by my side,
Questionable play calls got me reclining,
No trick play fools me,
Lack of satire doesn’t faze me,

From this day forward, I got eagle eyes,
Words sharpened by Khalid bin Walid’s (ra) sheath,
Allah (s.w.t) wrote my last hour,
Not afraid to speak loudly,
Got my honor, my shield,

Take your best shot,
You ain’t nothing but a soft pretender…


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