Rhyme Hiding

One day, alone, all day,
I do not stare,
Rarely, do I let you in,
Today, I saw you smoking along the back,
On your side, its us alone,
God and I,
My ears open, I am prepared,
You asked, ‘Do you love’,
Without a doubt, I wanted to share,
Counted the days on my calendar,
Kept being sold, not ever told,
Asked for a quote, God used force,

After we danced, our eyes met,
Along the hill-side, no man’s land,
Felt like shipping my mind, reading signs,
No matter the grind, without shine,
Sigh in relief, standing with belief,
Without disbelief, I’m trying to feed sons,
Stars in the sky, got me sipping Moonshine,
An evil eye, don’t give me no lie,
Wish we could dance without being sly,
Writing this rhyme, I got no lines,

I told her, you got nice eyes,
Lets sight-see, meet summer with being fly,
Light fire-flies, your sight lit a fire under my lies,
Able to find me without falsifying documents,
Lets send each other pockets full of sunshine,
Hold each others middle names in the palm of our hands,

I ain’t into love poems but when I saw you,
Within sirens my mind and I became maniac depressant,
Needed antidepressants, became Anti,
Christ hasn’t returned, second-guessing,
Tell me you ain’t flirting and I ain’t hissing,
Suns got sons without daughters becoming mothers…


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