3 Muslims Shot Dead (White Man’s Diagnosis)

We are Hip Hop, I am poetry,
Three Muslims murdered, they died shaheed,
White men sick, Black men criminals,
Europeans judges, Men became monsters,
Women objects, poems Justice,
Trayvon Brown, Mike afraid of the mic’,

Not European, we are roots,
Slave boats, chain poems,
Words bull-@hit, you are the bush,
I am the gardener, we are Freedom,
We want poems, we want Hood stories,
Feet following beats, Dre dead,
Hemingway stopped compassion, we want dead poems,

Been told a Black man leads ‘the free world’,
White men haven’t stopped puppeteering,
We want free words, locked behind bars,
Prison my church, social media Fox worthy,
Skin the Fox, poetry is dead,
American’s use Rosetta stone, Poetry my Violin,

I treat soles better than souls, we are dead,
My voice silenced, we are action-less,
Dream less, sleep less, think less,
Whites became clinically diagnosed,
Blacks became criminalized,
Muslims became terror-lized,

Poetry is dead, Black men seduced,
Women objectified, I am not afraid,
Speaking to Somali brothers, we are Somalia’s Coast Guard,
Huey said to put down the gun, we got to pick up the gun,
Speaking to Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, we are not dead,
Running out of space, this letter is dead,
3 Muslims were murdered, we are listening…


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