All Life Is Sacred

I can’t give life,
Only allowed to promote life,
He who gave me life,

Most forget,
We were created to promote change,
Make change out of change,
Feed our starving world,
One wrong left ruins all that was built,

Millions of souls eternally grateful,
Promoting one burning heart,
Hosting temples curing bodily illnesses,

God acts through (the) hands He crafted,
Doctors crossing borders,
Not spies only educated men and women,

Establishing God’s mercy upon foreign soil,
Not spies but God’s creation,
Told whomsoever God guides,
No one can misguide,
Reminded whomsoever God misguides,
No one can guide,

Never asked, forgotten, ignored,
Individuals purposely reject fate even if it is not their fate,
All those guided by God traveling to Muslim lands,
Accused of foul play,
God guided them to truth,

Instead of meeting sincerity,
Individuals died at (the) sharp end of bloody blades,
History proves when (the) majority become silent,
Minority wreck havoc,
Shattering lives and souls meant for rebirth,

Whose to blame?
Not God,
Minority acting out of ignorance,
Accused of foul play,
Buried without display,
Don’t forget,
If you spill blood,
Questioner of Justice waits for you,

Pharaoh questioned Moses,
Ego summoned God mentality,
Forgetting we take life,
Can’t return life,

Whose to blame?
Ignoring (the) fact,
All life is sacred…


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