Rise & Shine Sending Smiles

Rise and shine like unusual smiles glowing and gleaming eternally,
Yell loud and clear, face to face,
Babies take in oxygen for the first time,
Clench fingers of another for the first time,
Meant to make change within change,
Asking for genuine representation not interest,

We can’t make one dollar from 25 cents,
25 cents into whatever God plans,
Traveling birth roads without place,
Set free liberation,
Spending currency within sincerity,
Gallop towards freedom matching darkness with brightness,

Purity seen from lemonade stands,
Unusual one night stands guarding pocket change,
Holding hands of elderly,
Redeemable contribution,
Trauma earth left to be filled,
Day dreaming individuals,

God’s precious priceless creation,
Send warmth through orphan’s hair,
Cast sunrises from palms,
Generation of creation known for spreading revelation,
Promoting solidarity not starvation,
Liquidating funds if peace speaks,

Witnessing mothers carrying groceries across busy streets,
Carrying burning hearts,
Feeding empty stomachs,
Grandmothers waiting for lights to change,
Wishing for days to change,
Years of color change and social reform,
Can’t blame prior generations,
Brain-washed how to hate,
Don’t know how to love,

Leaving breads crumb as light,
Others follow,
No more are we strikers,
We are healers,
Mandate bandages upon reform when heartless believe,

Little girls stand signing signs without selling lines,
Gifts not donations,
Giving not resorting to prescribed,
Meant for walking into rooms affecting atmosphere,
Perfecting inner reflection hearing heaven’s cry,
Matching smile with smile,
Running close,
Arm length…


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