Anonymous Profile Threatening To Kill Me

Feeling like a lyricist,
Ashamed I’m a separatist,
Thank God I’m not racist,

Now-days, everyone thinks of kingship,
Wishing ignorance stays intact against Idol worship,

Today ain’t my day, Mother kissed me yesterday,
Remembered tomorrow may never arrive; if today is our last day,
Generation to generation; carrying ourselves like its our last day everyday,

Last words spoken;
Accused by an anonymous profile,
You ain’t promoting unity or peace,

Asked who and what I believe in?
Who I love and who I wish to be?

Best of both worlds, who do I love?
I love women who wear fly old school red, white, and blue converse,
I love women who understand natural, no extensions, let it be; mirror beauty from Mother Africa,
I love women who deny egotistical opinions from ignorant minds degrading beauty,

How am I suppose to answer…
I love women who understand flow meets creativity between vowel shifts, memorizing lines decoding Shakespearean sonnets,
As long as were talking sonnets; I love women who recreate passion, angles felt by wrists,
Degrees of eyes meeting strokes, tip of the tongue, guided nails,
I love women who condemn nothingness as not having me, heartbeat skips beat when not thinking of me,

Your second-guessing, meaning shedding depression,
I love women who are comfortable with who they are, where they are going, what they are wearing and what they are lacking; in regard to what they are lacking, signifying what they are wearing,
I love women not afraid of shedding fears, not afraid giving into temptation, trying different things; keeping it a secret,

After everything, my conclusion; introduction never introduced,
I love African women, my heart for Yemeni, East Asian, Muslimah different shades,
I love strong Black women, mother to children; chasing children with a wooden spoon and bamboo stick,

Call me ‘the’ black sheep, I don’t mind labels; called many things, terrorist, reverse Oreo, $igger lover by family and peers, red-neck, spy by Khwarij, towel head, sand $igger, communist, Kafir, disbeliever, Sufi, never Shia…

If it satisfies theory, I love fried chicken, Kool-Aid and watermelon, don’t know if it satisfies stereotypes, but if it does…

Well; labels fit…


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