Sheeko Sheeko #2

Echoing stairways leisure crosswalks,
Neglecting horizontal sanity,

Tampering egos satire centuries,
Transpiring transparency,
Tedious tendencies,
Telepathic centuries,

Frivolous ferocious fancy flowers,
Frolic foreign fumes forever fertilizing fantasies,

Admiring adamant adventurous admins,
Adolescent ages aggravate alcoholic anonymous advantages adhere,

Welcome whimsical whims willingly,
Wagons wholly worse weeks,
Weakening worst wavering wakes,

Statutory savages sink solemnly seeking shores,
Stars shine soothing stellar smiles,

She strangles sorrow swaying sourly,
He hangs hymns humming,

Horror hinges hazard,
Handles heroic horrors haphazardly,

Ideals idealizing idols individual identities,
Enemies engage egotistical edible edibles,
Outrageous Oreos order organized ovens orally,
Saturday strippers strip souls serve secretly…


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