Misunderstood Gangster Paradise

No one is paying attention to the situation,
Busy stereotyping people into categorization,
Muslims blind to see,
Forgetting everyone starts from somewhere,
Companions before Islam,
Several tried to kill Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),

Posting pictures of Tupac’s Sunnah,
Only God Can Judge Me,
Muslims not aware ignorance plus sarcasm,
Hypocrites dress like any other follower,
Many of us can’t understand, don’t follow,
Confused at these words I speak,
Just a couple of days ago,
Comments on my page,
‘I didn’t know people go through that’…

Money, power, respect,
MTV promotes three, but…
Were going to take a ride,
Where statistics prove ‘Gangster Paradise’,

Idiots guessing from Republican convention seats,
Obama ignoring problems among communities,
Oscar-winning performances from NYPD,
Groups most likely killed by law enforcement,
African American’s 20 to 24,
Second, Native Americans 25 to 34,
Third, Native Americans 35 to 44,
Fourth, African-Americans 25 to 34,
Half of those killed by police, mentally unstable,
Young people of color,
21 more times likely to be killed by dirty badges,

How about Darrien Hunt from Utah?
He was shot 6 times in the back,
Someone reported he carried a sword,
Autopsy proved gun shots to the back,
Darrien was running away,
Fascination with Japanese anime,
Was carrying his toy sword,

Ezell Ford from Los Angeles,
Family described,
Police killed him execution style,
Stopped him on the street,
Witness testified pigs beat him to death,
Shot him in the back,
Did I mention he was disabled?

Tair E. Rice from Cleveland,
Playing with a toy gun in the park,
Was 12 years old,
Police shot him point-blank,
Refused to give first aid,
Arrested his 14-year-old sister,

Not long ago Black Panthers roamed streets,
Protecting people from police,
Wrote down badge numbers and names,
Carried shotguns in public,
Open and carry laws,
Gangs formed to protect one another from racist officers,
Defended blocks from government agencies introducing drugs into the community,

Now-days we are lost beggars,
Don’t know how to get back to what originally was,
Muslims blind to see Gangster Paradise is a synonym,
Gangster in survival of the fittest,
Paradise what we are required to die during the process of surviving,

Brothers deal crack, shoot guns,
Lost confused souls,
Blindly judging he who swims,
Instead of breaking down institutions corrupting people,
Music industry kidnaps community heroes,
Dr. King and Malcolm’s understanding of language,
Turned rappers into drug addicts, chasing money and sex,
Second graders tested if they fit comfortably behind bars,

Brothers and sisters surviving,
Living in Paradise,
After dying…
Instead of critiquing,
Commenting on drug habits and evil tendencies,
Connect the dots…

Bilal (ra) and Salmon (ra),
Remind brothers and sisters,
Killers became men of honor,
Bleeding from rocks thrown,
Made dua for people to be guided,
Invite others to Islam,
Remind them of similarities…


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