Dear Bullies

It is a jig-saw puzzle with no ending,
Matching pieces missing,
Competition who has less sympathy,
Who is depressed?
Were stressed,
Feigning for signs from God,
Not afraid,
Dressed in invisible chains,
Lincoln never imagined nor did he imagine release,

Days lost and confused walking hallways,
Hard of hearing not an accident,
Were here for a reason but choose to not hear reason,
So far in between listen to treason,
Over and over told we can’t,

Thousands of times, walking thousands of sons,
After thousands of miles,
After cuts and bruises derail feet from God’s path,
Who knew?
10 years later,
Child of poverty, most likely to be Mother of welfare,
Bully who condemned asked for her hand in marriage,

How seasons change?
Without signs or hints,
Tree branches fall from heights not measured,
I can’t measure a child’s worth,
Until, I am able to stand at his height,
Watch as if his eyes are mine,

Moments of fear not when he stands on battlefield corners,
But, when he sits behind the desk,
Afraid his men outside will learn he loves reading,
Afraid his comrades will stab him in the back for becoming ‘educated’,

When we will stop competing for who can become the world’s biggest failure?
Labels pronounce genocide,
Stereotypes and generalizations give birth to wars without justification,

Not all Jews are Zionist,
Not all Muslims are extremists,
Not all people of Color are criminals,
Not all Europeans owned slaves,
Not all Mexicans, Chicano, or Spaniards are drug kingpins,

This isn’t a game we play in order to achieve dominance,
Relevance, prominence, or any other confidence,
It is a game that does not lack, it does not slack,
I don’t pretend to not have crap hidden in my backpack,
If I opened my nap-sack, you would be surprised,

Frederick Douglas to Black Panthers,
Lake Street to Atlanta,
Somalia to Yemen,
Coke-head to Meth-head,
Presidents never intended value to be marginalized,
Internalized, gratification introduced fossilized roots centralized,

Bullies have no name,
World full of hatred,
Impossible to succeed,
This ain’t a game,
Listen to my message,

Remember, time in class,
Passing secret notes,
She writes the question,
Yes or no check box,
What box did you check?


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