Role Play

Kiss and tell,
From early morning
Gotta’ receive kisses,
Bottom lip,
Rock top,
Work night and day,
Setting eyes,

Pleasing you,
Grabbing each other’s waist,
Kiss and tell,
Love ain’t easy,
Twist and turn,
Multiple positions,
Tongue game,
Hands make way,

Kitchen sink,
Dining room table,
Living room couch,
Bathroom shower,
Backseat driver,
Do what I say,
Hair mid-air,
Role play,
Judge and convict,
Teacher and student,

Kiss and tell,
No clothes,
Night time,
Beach front,
Legs shake,
Feet cringe,

Dirty secrets,
Whip cream,
Body spasms,
Tied hands,
Nice and slow,
Mind games,
Under blankets,


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