Dear Love Diagnosed Stupidity

When it rains, it pours,
You’ll find me standing on shores,
Waves of perfection,
Buttons undressing imperfection,

Told we gotta’ provide,
Provisions far in between,
Every man, every woman,
Wants family to get what they want,
Have what they need,
Forgetting it isn’t up to us,
Everything coming from Master,

When we’re riding high,
We forget who approved,
When we’re feeling low,
We blame who allowed,
Reminding who has the power…
(to give or redact)

Ummah fallen into greed,
Materialistic communities,
Dubai reconstruction of Sodom and Gomorrah,
Hellfire hidden beneath,

Hanging fancy curtains,
Sitting on expensive furniture,
Large televisions,
Multiple cars,
Gold watches,
Diamond ear-rings,

Expensive toys manufactured and destroyed,
Impoverished individuals express thanks,
Muslims express hardship spending money wastefully,

Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) expensive treasure…
Emaan, connection to Master,
Now-days, cheap Emaan,
False advertisement,
25,000 dowry,
Closet full of heels,
Mistresses and girlfriends,

State of the ummah,
Silencing correction,
Promoting false and hollow commitment,
Watching YouTube poetry videos,
Someone gives evidence,
Call him or her a liar,

Ummah washed up, stagnant, dramatized,
Multiple high-school cliques,
Separation dressing idiots pretending to be scholars,
Sincere individuals painted as demons,
Misfits staged as leaders,

Reminds me of British territories,
Pirates on chopping blocks,
Boat filled with drowning victims,
Sinking of a ship don’t want proof to be heard,
Ummah fell into despair,

MSA’s by name pretending to be real MSA’s,
Muslimah by birth pretending to be Muslimah earned,
Brothers by lineage pretending to be knowledgeable individuals,
Ummah hasn’t been in a horrid place sense…
Uthman bin Affan (ra) and Ali (ra) were assassinated,

How can we come back?
How can we survive?
We don’t understand Islam,
Without understanding,
Holding each other accountable,
Diagnosed stupidity,
Stripped of power and status,
Step down and relinquish reign,

Family’s history,
Individual choices,
Mirror desperation,
Greed and ego,
Knowledge and honesty,
Whether won or lost,
God and His angels,
Give me strength…


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