Orphan’s Letter To Adopted Parents

Its my destiny to be intellectually aware of negativity,
Not ashamed that I don’t feel inferior in front of superiors,
Lineage, rights, and values portrayed as virtues,
Muslims pretending to be Europeans,
I’m not referring to Civil Rights,
Imaginary referee,
Playing against my shadow when the sun sets,
Met my match, she’s not a he,
Ironic isn’t it,
Sensitivity declared promiscuity,
Pan-African ideology,

Can’t talk, walk, or speak without being grasped,
Admired, making love nice and slow to the sound of Marvin,
It ain’t Gaye if I wear pink or purple,
Nobody can reach this level,
My inner sanctum,
Can’t bring down my own level,
She’s my queen,

I dream of her as she dreams of me,
She’s laying next to me as I lay next to her,
Visualizing words,
Vision of an attic,
Visited an attic only to find it full of schizophrenia,
My pilgrimage,
Buried side by side,
Never fully intact,
Insides remark never fully comprehend,
Knowledge debates curiosity,

Days turn into nights,
No one understands,
Categorize myself, makeshift shoplifter,
Demoralize poverty, pan handlers,
Irked beyond desperation,
Develop criminality,
Past presidents and the U.N,
Brought upon charges of crimes against humanity,
I’ve witnessed, arrived,
Illuminated misfortune,
Had to please my queen,
Found a coke feign,
Memories arrived via fed ex,
Carrying death’s stamp of approval,

Not meant to be held down,
Destined to be birds of a flock,
Straight suicide if my pen dries,
Politics, sex, and religion not polite topics,
Meant to be explored,
Never can take it back, irreversible,
I’m an addict,
Thrown to the wolves,

Scars on my back, father’s savage attacks,
Step dad’s anger got the best of him,
Self-induced guilt, donations to Africa mother’s pleasure,
Didn’t change the fact your racist,
Called me an ex-patriot, theatrical satire,
Told me Somali’s don’t love me,
You ain’t Muslim,
Only used by those who need to be distracted,
Carbon copy of your mother,
Negative qualities,
You should be locked up, one of the 9/11 terrorists,
Never mind the fact you lack eggs,
Never had children,
Maybe it is a sign, you shouldn’t be parents,

Its destiny to be intellectually aware of negativity,
Not ashamed that I don’t feel inferior in front of my superiors,
Lineage, rights, and values portrayed as virtues…


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