What Is Islam?

She’s the answer to my questions,
Balance beam to my controlled chaos,
Reality to my fantasy,

She’s everything to my nothing,
Buttons to my dress shirt,
Shine to my darkness,

She’s the canvas to my accomplishments,
Paper to my pen,
Ink to my quill,

She’s the mother to my children,
Backbone to my spine,
Ocean to my small ideas

She’s the fight to my peace,
Peace to my fists,
Quieted mind to my frenzy

She’s the held back tongue to my rapid response,
Danger to my existence,
Chain to my connection,

She’s cloudy to my rainy day,
Sunshine to my Seattle,
Faith to my drought,

She’s romantic to my insides,
Tears to my hardness,
Sword to my compassion,

She’s laughter to my frown,
Anger to my honesty,
Joy to my depression,

She’s modesty to my nakedness,
Gaze down to my temptations,
Niqab to my daughters

She’s standing during the night to my laziness,
Heart to my empty chest,
Blood to my vessels,

She’s Aisha (ra) to Abu Bakr (ra),
Fatima (ra) to Ali Talib (ra),
Khadeja (ra) to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),

She’s Khalid bin Walid (ra) to war,
Jibril to Allah (s.w.t),
Me to He,

She’s my everything,
She is…


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