My Love ‘O’ Messenger of Allah’ (pbuh)

I talk less, read much, think most,
Some nights dreaming of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
Under the tree giving Bay’ah,
If my heart doesn’t connect,
If my hear doesn’t receive,
Remember silence doesn’t signify contentment,
Only holding contentment for what I don’t understand,
Holding tears inside without appearing delicate,
Standing nightly for hours until streams of tears roll down cheeks,
Until hands shake uncontrolled tremors,
My nose and eyes filled with love at first sight,
Without having to see Him in sight,

I was never someone who talked much, always expressed while expressing,
Woman at the well fulfilled her promise clenching thirst of a dog,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) held love for family,
Yet was strong and fair,
He would cut off the hand of Fatima (ra) if she stole,
Gave his slave the choice to stay or leave,
If I ever met Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
O’ Allah, O’ Allah, O’ Allah,

Suggesting channels of interpretations are wrong,
Port authorities welcome on-coming signs,
His golden-colored neck under the sun,
Not curly nor straight, kinda wavy without being crazy,
No matter the time or day,
Asking for his hands to be placed on mine,
Reassuring Allah (s.w.t) and my Love,
Watch me shine,

Felt like the lost forgotten servant,
Self proclaimed walking miracle,
Without knowledge, perseverance,
Daily reminders, yellow sticky notes,

I would have brushed his hair, cooked breakfast,
Pulled out his chair, fixed and washed his clothes,
Advancing armies, I would strike before they reach where you sleep,
No army will strike or stone you, no groups of people will hurt you,

If you were cold, I would warm you,
Wait till you perform Wudu and catch falling drops from your beard,
Wasn’t enough to memorize,
Only enough to show love for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
His family (May Allah Be Pleased With Them) and Allah (s.w.t),

I’m not the best talker, ask me a question, I won’t give an opinion,
I ask the man who ran down mountains after receiving revelation from Jibril,
Asked his wife Khadija (ra) to cover him,
Give me an impossible equation, I bring them to the divinely inspired,
World peace something to solve, bucket list emancipating poverty,
Asking if I am ready to love you?
All I need is you…

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) took care of his companions,
Companions took care of each other,
I wish to take care of my aunt and uncle, mother and father,
Orphans as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was,

My remedy, dreaming of his molars while he laughs,
Developed irony racing to each hair that fell from Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) beard,
Applying honesty, beauty made up of 1/3rd love,
Young or old, no matter if I fall blind or deaf,
I continue to dream of you, listen to you speak,
Love you in dreams as your Sunnah reminds me when I am awake,
1/3rd honesty, ask me a question, I don’t know,
Last 1/3rd consists of the top one percent,
Purification after realization,

Hold you close,
Watch your eye-lids fall and rise as the sun prostrates to Allah (s.w.t),
If nothing can be said, Allah (s.w.t) listened,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cries as I write my poetry for him,
I buy your favorite foods, feed you the best honey from Yemen,
Lets play, smile, run, laugh, and remind each other of experiences during the Days of Ignorance,
Lets stand together, walk slowly through markets, send our Salaams to those around,
Dressing not to impress, only modestly,
Washing dishes, cleaning streets, feed the homeless,
I won’t deny Allah (s.w.t) nor your message,
I love you to the point of death and afterwords,
We embrace each other with greetings of Salaam…


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