Longest Explanation About How I Failed At Introducing Myself To A Girl I Never Met But Saw For The First Time

This is going to sound typical, but I ain’t nothing but (a)typical,
I ain’t asking for forgiveness, call these words what you wish,
Imagine walking into Starbucks, line has me imagining finishing white lines,
White lies creep between sheets, praise from a Gentleman,

I couldn’t figure out how to introduce myself,
Kept asking myself what is the best way to get your attention,
From the first minute, you had my attention,
Your eyes suggested words my heart didn’t know the sound too,
Without beats or vibration, Beethoven was lost,

I kept dreaming of waking on shores,
How your eyes became a captain’s quest to become lost at sea,
Holding precious pearls, felt like sticking a knife in the socket,
Wake up having you as my nurse,

Call me stupid, I ain’t arguing that point,
Standing in front of the register,
Your hands snapping me out of confusion,
‘Hello…what do you want?’
I didn’t know the difference between Chai and Latte,

I decided to roll with it,
Roll down the curvature of your nose,
Like a snowball leaves a child’s hand on a perfect winter day,
Wanna’ take hold of momentum and strength,
Clasp hands delicately around your frame,

Stare into eyes until stars turn into constellations,
When lips meet, ain’t nothing like the Second Big Bang,
It was the light from your lips curling when I caressed your neck,
How you started biting your bottom lip whenever I began to touch slowly,

See…it ain’t worth it if I use pick-up lines,
Hearing day after day compliments about what you got in them’ jeans,
But I ain’t that kinda’ man, I crossed railroad tracks holding Tubman’s hand,

I wish to brush your hair while you sit legs curled around my gravity,
I don’t remember if I stopped, or If I had been knocked out cold,
As far as I know, I kept on talking while you kept on listening,

I want to feel the ends of your hair prance along my chest in organized fashion,
Forgetting that I am old-fashioned, how about I pull the chair out for you?
Open the door when your ready to enter and leave?
No need to please, give compliments,
Only reason why I speak is because I write honestly,

I noticed how your dark blue dressed hugged the corners of angles,
From head to toe, ain’t nothing more sensual than footprints you leave behind,
How your height matched my vertical addiction,
I need a woman who has something to grasp,
Something to wrestle and wish pleasure while smoking grass,

Sugar-coating ain’t my business,
Owning a Chocolate Factory my ambition,
Let me take hold and give you a tour,
Willing to enter and never leave,

Coulda’ swore you smacked me several times,
Line behind me was anxious,
‘Do you know what you want?
Or are you just gonna’ stare at the menu?’

Replied you ain’t no menu, I want all of you,
From heels to the inside of your thighs,
Spending sunup till sundown,
No need to worry about rainy days,
I got you in my arms as chaos arrives,

Never understood what it meant to cherish a woman,
You got this desire to perform regardless of parameters,
I witnessed windows without hinges perform miracles without prescription glasses,
During stormy nights, tell me you ain’t into a man with soul,

Gotta’ have a place to speak of roots when trees lose leaves,
Whispering in ears, tickling where your pierced,
Ain’t nothing wrong with a full head of hair,
I wanna’ call you names you ain’t never heard,
Teach you languages never discovered,

I learned from the best, taught all different positions,
Ain’t nothing wrong with dancing under streetlights,
Watching feet get wet in the middle of the night under shower heads,
No need to fret, I landed across coffee tables,
Next thing I remembered, waking up between side-walk cracks,

Whatever happened to giving nice guys a chance?
Don’t get me wrong, I decided to visit every day,
Got thrown out everyday, same way ending up between sidewalk cracks,
Wishing someday we could meet between two cracks in the sidewalk…


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