Understand Me If You Can

Regarding seven heavens of Earth,
Fire of hell 69 multiplied by ordinary,
70,000 accordingly 700,000 followers enter paradise together,
Six hundred wings carry Jibril,
Allah (s.w.t) gathers the first and last of people,
Voice of the announcer reaches all,
Called upon fire and bell,
Jews and Christians,
Bilal (ra) ordered to perform the Adhan,
Understand me if you can,

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) died at 63 years old,
Name our children after (he),
Aisha (ra) held (him) close,
Allah (s.w.t) made my saliva mix with his,
Arrived with a Siwak,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) weak to brush his teeth,
Aisha (ra) chewed and cleaned his teeth,
Ethiopians played on Eid,
Leather shields and spears,
Aisha (ra) held,
Cheek to cheek,
Carry on ‘Bani Arfida’,

Understand me if you can,
Ali (ra) joined the Battle of Khabar,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cleaned Ali’s (ra) eyes,
Carried the flag,
Muslims severely wounded,
One planted his blade between his own breastplates,
Perceived to be of people of paradise,
Found to be of people of hell-fire,
Angels sent to write four things,
Write his or her deeds,
His or her livelihood,
His or her death,
Whether he or she will be blessed or bewitched,
Good deeds till there is a cubit between him and paradise,
Commit evil deeds until a cubit between him and hell-fire,
Witnessing dust, swirling up of air,
Mounted escort of Jibril,

Amin during salat at the end of Surat Al-Fatiha,
Angels in the heavens say the same,
All past sins forgiven,
Aisha (ra) placed a decorated pillow in the way,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) reminded her,
‘Don’t you know the Angels do not enter a house where there are pictures,
Whoever makes a picture will be punished,
Asked to give life to what he has created’,
Angels come to you in succession by night and day,
Together at the time of Fajr and Asr,
Left you while you offered Salat,
Came to you while you offered Salat,
Angels prostrate in rows, Muslims prostrate in rows,
Asked for permission to enter Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) home,
Fatima (ra) allowed to by what she wished,
‘I cannot defend you before Allah’,

Understand if you can,
Bani Israel commanded to enter with humility,
Changed words crawling on backs,
Aisha (ra) during Mina days,
Abu Bakr (ra) walked witnessing two Ethiopian girls playing drums,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) covered himself,
Abu Bakr (ra) rebuked (the) girls,
Messenger of Allah (s.w.t) replied,
‘Leave them for it is the festival of Eid’,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked Aisha (ra),
Order Abu Bakr (ra) to lead salat,
Aisha (ra) replied,
‘Abu Bakr is a soft-hearted person,
When he stands in your place,
He weeps so he can’t lead’,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) demanded once more,
‘You are like the female companion of Yusuf,
Order Abu Bakr to lead salat’,

When night falls, keep children close,
For devils spread out,
Close gates of your home, cover utensils,
Mention Allah’s (s.w.t) name,
Best in Pre Islamic Period of Ignorance,
Best in Islam,
They comprehended religious knowledge,
Reach perfection of belief,
None amongst the women except Asiya (May Allah Be Pleased With Her),
Maryam (May Allah Be Pleased With Her),
Superiority of Aisha (ra),
Best amongst you those who are best in manners and character,
Allah wonders at people who will enter paradise in chains,
Eight gates of paradise,
Observed fast (saum) enter Ar-Raiyyan,
Divine revelation delayed,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) visited by an Angel from skies,
Sitting on a chair between sky and earth,
Jibril said, ‘whoever amongst your followers,
Die without having worshipped besides Allah,
Granted paradise’,

Understand me if you can,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) choose easiest of two choices,
His eyes closed, heart awake,
First group entering paradise,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) glittering like a full moon at night,
Generous ordinarily,
Jibril visited during Ramadan,
Every-night revising Quran,
Moderate height, broad shoulders, long hair reaching earlobes,
Most handsome in a red cloak,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) reciting poetry,
Hassan bin Thabit (ra) wrote poetry,
Umar (ra) disapproved (of) poetry,
‘I used to recite poetry in the presence of one who was better than you’,
‘Allah loves so and so’ related to the inhabitants of paradise,

Every Friday angels stand at every gate of every Masjid,
Writing names of people chronologically,
Allah (s.w.t) revealed,
Aisha (ra) said, ‘thanks to Allah and not to anybody else’,
‘O you who believe! Be not like those who annoyed Musa’,
And he was honorable before Allah’,
Took his hand on my face,
Noticed it was colder than ice,
Smelled nicer than Musk,
Rosy complexion, neither white nor brown,
Neither completely curly nor quite lank,
Revelation received at 40,
10 years in Makkah,
Medina more,
20 white hairs on his head and in his beard,
Red hair dyed of henna,
Allah welcomes two men with a smile,
Women providing company for wounded,
Treating bandages,
Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians praised Jesus,
For I am a slave,

Prostitute passed by a dog in need of clenched thirst,
Prostrated nightly, stretched until companions saw white of his armpits,
Fatima (ra) first to join him,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) exclaimed, ‘Sanah, Sanah’ (beautiful in Ethiopian),
Softer than his palm,
Sweeter than his sweat,
‘O Umar, allow them to play’,
Superiority of Aisha (ra) to other ladies like the superiority of Tharid to other meals,
Belief is Yemenite along with Wisdom,
Don’t give me superiority over Musa (pbuh),
Guided by two lamps on a dark night,
Allah (s.w.t) the giver and I am Al-Qasim,
Understand me if you can…


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