Islam Is Perfect While Our Minds Are Imperfect

Ignored but mostly misunderstood,
Not guilty by association,
Our way of life,
Whose to blame?
Those who practice Islam,
Those who strive to perfect each raka,
Each prostration,
Muslims fail to realize,
Suffering in demise,
Repeatedly trying to realize,
Best of Muslims those who are oppressed,
Worst of Muslims those who are oppressors,
Using power and prestige trying to redeem,
Forgetting instead of turning into a righteous follower,
Best of those who forgive and do not retaliate,
Nor transgress unjustly,

Without a doubt, rights not divided,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked a boy,
‘Can I give this water to the old man on my left’,
Boy replied,
‘I don’t want to lose my chance,
Gift from the Messenger of Allah’,
Islam misunderstood,
Aisha (ra) bought pillows with design for their home,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) refused to enter,
Those who create,
Asked to breathe a soul into that which was created,
Prohibited to mutilate,
Lying during bartering, mutilating words,
Farming thought to be disregarded,
Crop sharing, watering,
In the heat of discussion,
Before the day of judgment,
Muslims fight against those wearing shoes made up of hair,
Single men commit zina whipped 100 times,
Hearing Abbod’s (ra) voice,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made dua for his success,
Don’t praise, use ‘I think so and so’,
Obey Muslim rulers unless they give orders disobeying Allah (s.w.t),
Muslims make peace cannot be labeled liars,
Sadeqa given by the number of joints,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) promised 3 days,
Shaved head,
Allowed to examine,
Not touch nor shake hands,

Islam the most misunderstood way of life,
Ethiopians playing with spears in the masjid,
Jews cursed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and he replied,
‘Same upon you’,
Muslims speak like those of Paradise,
Yet are of those from hell-fire,
Muslims act like those of hell-fire,
Yet are of those from paradise,
No matter the oppressed or oppressor,
Aid not destroy,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) warned us not to cut off each other’s heads,
Nor cut the neck,
Regardless of behavior,
It isn’t about what we think,
Our opinions don’t matter,
Instead; the only concerns that matter,
Are of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) and Allah (s.w.t),

Fight between a Jew and Muslim,
Arguing over the superiority,
Concerning Musa (pbuh) and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) corrected both,
‘How dare you speak of my superiority over Musa,
On the day of Judgment I will be conscience and will rise,
Musa will be standing to the side of Allah’s (s.w.t) throne,
I will not know if Musa woke before or after me’,
Islam the most misunderstood way of life,
If you do not memorize rights of one another,
Accepting invitation and gifts,
Funeral processions,
When one sneezes,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spoke of a guest being taken care of,
If one does not receive guest treatment,
Take it from who has invited you in their home,
For the rights of being treated as a guest belong to you,

Islam is not complicated,
It is not complex only in-depth,
We are in the debt of Allah (s.w.t) who created us,
Prohibited to sell two dates for one,
Can’t sell gold unless weight value,
During the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
Aisha had menses,
She received kisses,
Aisha (ra) spoke of concern,
Best Jihad for women Hajj,
Safiyyah (ra) lineage to Musa (pbuh),
Jews hiding behind bushes,
Bushes speak to Muslims, ‘they are hiding behind me’,
Third duty of a Muslim,
Salah, treat parents kindly, and lastly jihad,
Ali’s (ra) eyes cleaned before going into battle,
Helping someone embrace Islam better for you then a red camel,

Islam is perfect,
Islam does not need you,
Rather the problem is you,
When the companions were together,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked permission to take two dates,
Islam misunderstood,
Muslims not practicing,
Over-simplified by the average mind,
Not seen by those with eyes yet blind,
Muslims fail to seek answers,
Presume to know answers,
Ka’b bin Al-Ashrof not killed by mercenaries,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) granted permission,
Freeing a Muslim slave saves your body parts from hell-fire,
Muslims who emigrate for the sake of Allah (s.w.t)
Not because it is prescribed,
Not for school or a better life,
For the sake of Allah (s.w.t),
He alone is reason,

Every Muslim receives the reward for the intention made,
Islam not ignored,
He who frees a slave, educates and treats her nicely,
Receives double the reward,
Islam is not a game of chess,
Jihad of five,
Dying by plague,
Abdominal disease,
Wrecked buildings,
Martyr for the sake of Allah (s.w.t),
Allah (s.w.t) welcomes two men with smiles,
Muslim killed in Jihad by a non-Muslim,
Non-Muslim becomes Muslim,
Killed while fighting for the sake of Allah (s.w.t),
Muslim fasts one day while performing jihad saved from hell-fire for 70 years,
Each ruler responsible for his people,
Husband responsible for his family,
Wife responsible for husband’s home,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) grabbed his fingers and intertwined them,
Accepted an invitation to a meal,
Whether to a sheep’s trotter,
Accepting a gift even if it is an arm or a trotter of a sheep,

Islam not confusing,
Abu Bakr (ra) to the left of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
Bedouin to the right,
Sunnah starts from the right,
Rejecting gifts only if you are in the state Ihram.
Aisha (ra) loved giving gifts to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
Sadaqa companions ate,
Gifts shared,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked Fatima (ra),
‘Don’t you love who I love’,
Aisha (ra) replied until Zainab (ra) became quiet,
‘She really was the daughter of Abu Bakr’,
Prophet Muhammad would not enter Fatima’s home,
Decorated curtain on her door,
Extravagance not part of Islam,
When the Jewish woman poisoned Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) food,
She was not spared,

Islam is perfect,
It is not about what you think,
Muslims seek to obey.
Not innovate nor invent new ways…


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