Love Deficiency When I’m Cold (Tales of a Poet)

Sometimes; love is coincidence,
Like how much sugar I prefer in my tea,
Without interruption,
Never given a sign it was coming,
Damn; for sure I wasn’t ready,
Not sure how to explain,
Without sounding cliché,
When my eyes gazed,
You motioned in the distance,
I couldn’t help but think,
Would you be my Pan Africanist?
As (the) ANC was to Nelson Mandela,
Would you be my fasting?
As it was to Gandhi,

When I saw you,
It wasn’t pleasurable,
Nor erotic,
Instead; it was defining,
Like defining reverse-racism,
Discrimination against Europeans,
Motioned intellect to plead,
In court I saw you,
Tried defining mathematically,
What God created,
Your walk wasn’t the walk of a blond American,
Would you to be my Mrs. King?
Malcolm stood by the window holding his rifle,
Even he needed to recharge eating soul food,
Would you be my soul to what isn’t completed?
In a time of crises where antiquity lacks,

Was never great at explaining,
Thus I speak in ways readers never understand,
I mean for you to be compassion to my anger,
Would you be the microphone?
While I channel Fred Hampton,
It ain’t simple,
I can’t do justice,
If I merely speak of swag,
Red, white, and blue Converse,
Cold affects (your) iron deficiency,
I wish to hold without appeal,
Never letting go,
Call it life in sincerity,
I wish to sugar-coat sugar,

When I saw you,
I lost track of nationality,
Forgot race, creed, and attire,
Witnessed atmospheric pressures,
It was snowing in the middle of (the) Sahara,
Flowers blooming,
Found water preciously dying of thirst,
Sun killing shade,
Couldn’t find shade,
Horse escaped,
Tied to a tree,
You found me,
I found you,
Don’t know which is true?
Would you be (the) finding to what I lack?
Great explorer needs intelligence forged,

Without lying,
Your right,
You got it all,
I don’t put effort in nothing unique.
You got curves,
Perfect amount of thickness,
This ain’t defining,
Rather, would you be my reading glasses?
I can’t see if we ain’t working together,
Don’t wanna skip what happens in the middle,
Would you be the climax to the plot in which I wish to finish?
I can’t read without vision,
Would you be the revolution to the mystery I need help solving?


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