Scribe Not Able To Scribe

Silent facial expressions speak languages,
Never quiet,
Never without sound,
Happiness, joy, sadness, depression,
Excitement, curious,
Wishing for sheer ears,
Hard of hearing,
Lessen pain,

Old eyes pale and vulgar,
Never innocent,
Buried before death,
Prescribed sleepless nights,

Regardless of logic,
Rationalize insanity,
Known by (the) masses,
Controlled chaos,
Grabbed (my) brush,
Mozart, Beethoven,
Leonardo, Shakespeare,
(never met)
Eyes closed, heart open,
Sent signals,
Hand (the) scribe,

Redemption fantasy,
Temptation satisfied,
Old ways die-hard,
Without experience,
Words hollow,
Old oak tree,
Without limbs and (a) heart,

Yesterday today,
Tomorrow unimaginable,
Sentenced death,
(an) old friend,
Haven’t seen each other for years,
Not an ex,
Death arrived,
Just as (she) introduced herself,
Years ago…


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